Diablo 4 Eidolon Of Orbei Boss Guide

You will encounter Eidolon of Orbei during the main quest in Diablo 4 in Act 3. You will need to defeat him to proceed. Here's how!

Your encounter with Eidolon of Orbei is inevitable since you have to slay this boss during the main quest Suffering Disquest in Act 3 of Diablo 4. The quest will take you toward the Orbei Monastery Dungeon, and you will have to complete several things to clear it out. 

The Eidolon of Orbei will come into existence after the vengeful spirits merge. The boss has a few good attacks in its arsenal that can be brutal against you. Before getting into the nitty-gritty of the fight, it is crucial to understand the location of the Eidolon of Orbei in Diablo 4. 

Where to find Eidolon of Orbei in Diablo 4 

After meeting Lorath in Act 3, you will need to start the Suffering Disquiet quest. The quest will take you toward the Orbei Monastery. Deep inside this place is where you will find the boss. 

Eidolon Of Orbei map location in Diablo 4

You can make your way North from Dindai Flats. Alternatively, you can go West from the Onyx Watchtower Stronghold to reach the Orbei Monastery Dungeon. Once you are there, explore the area and look for Abbot. 

As you progress through the quest, the Vengeful Spirits will turn into the Eidolon of Orbei. This will happen after listening to Abbot’s cries for forgiveness in the archive area. Here you will have to put this boss down. 

How to defeat Eidolon of Orbei in Diablo 4 

The Eidolon of Orbei can perform a handful of attacks in Diablo 4, and you can easily dodge them by being quick on your feet. The boss’s first attack is sending a small red vortex toward your location, and you must dodge it at all costs. Not only does the vortex inflicts damage, but it also takes away your vision. So you must stay away from it. 

Moreover, the boss can also teleport in the room’s different areas, so you must always watch out for its position. The boss will also create a bone wall to trap you inside its small vortex attacks. You must break down the walls as soon as possible if you get stuck.  

Sometimes the boss will go defensive and summon a wall to protect itself. You need to unleash your heavy damage attacks to break it down and reach the boss.  

You just have to dodge all the attacks and keep attacking to defeat Eidolon of Orbei in Diablo 4. 

Eidolon of Orbei rewards and loot 

You will find several items as a reward for defeating the Eidolon of Orbei in Diablo 4. The most important is the Gospel of the Mother. Interaction with this item will provide you with all the information regarding Elias. Moreover, the Suffering Disquiet concludes with the end of this fight, and you also bag some excellent gold

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