Diablo 3 Nintendo Switch Bundle Coming Exclusively To GameStop, Says Nintendo

A Diablo 3 Nintendo Switch bundle with a decorated console and dock will be coming exclusively to GameStop stores, according to a Nintendo Twitter post.

Nintendo of America has just announced that a Diablo 3 Nintendo Switch bundle would be coming exclusively to GameStop stores on November 2, a few weeks from now, for the price of $359.99. The console will have a number of Diablo-themed decorations as well as a download code for Diablo 3: Eternal Edition.

Diablo 3: Eternal Edition is the latest edition of Diablo 3 released by Blizzard Entertainment. It holds all of the game’s content, including its bonus chapter Reaper of Souls, and its two extra classes, the Crusader and the Necromancer. Along with that, the game has a number of Nintendo-specific items, such as being able to transmogrify your gear to look like Ganondorf, and being able to get black Majora wings.

The Diablo 3 Nintendo Switch bundle will have a number of cosmetic changes as well. In addition to the free Diablo 3 code, the Switch itself will be decorated with Diablo 3 imagery, meaning both gamepad and dock will be given the Diablo treatment. A special carrying case will also be present, and will be getting the same sort of treatment.

Blizzard has been releasing multiple versions of Diablo 3 ever since the game came out, such as on both previous and current-gen consoles, and now on the Nintendo Switch. Each time it happens the versions for sale are updated with the current content. Eternal Edition is only the most recent one, after the Reaper of Souls edition was released back in 2014.

Whether Diablo 3 will continue to get new versions because it’s not quite done with its story yet, or this is the last update we’ll get until Diablo 4 comes out at some point, if you don’t have a Nintendo Switch and haven’t played Diablo 3 before (or even if you have played the game on PC or some other platform), this is likely a limited edition, so be sure to run out and get it if you’re able.

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