Diablo 2 Resurrected Chaos Run Guide

In this guide we’ll be covering every aspect of Chaos Run in Diablo 2 Resurrected so that you can perform it effectively!

A Chaos Run is when players go through the Chaos Sanctuary under certain conditions to level up in D2. In this guide, we’ll be covering every aspect of a successful Chaos Run in Diablo 2 Resurrected so that you can perform it effectively!

Diablo 2 Resurrected Chaos Run

To perform a Chaos Run, players have to go through the Chaos Sanctuary, which is one of the most difficult locations in the game to clear. Chaos Sanctuary is the place where Lord of Terror Diablo himself is hidden under multiple seals. You can imagine the difficulty yourself. It’s well worth it though as you can farm tons of great items and levels!

How to Perform a Chaos Run

You need to first get to the Chaos Sanctuary, situated beyond the River of Flame. From the River of Flame Waypoint, proceed to the upper right corner and continue straight at that angle, you’ll end up at its entrance.

To yield maximum benefits from the Chaos Run, you have to play in Hell difficulty. The higher the difficulty, the higher the reward. However, if your level is under 60 or your resistances aren’t high enough, one can play in Nightmare difficulty too  (but it’s most effective on Hell with the appropriate levels).

Let’s now discuss the run strategy in detail


The Best strategy is to play in groups. If you are playing in a group, you can play with comparatively lower levels and make subsequent runs faster (and have more fun doing so!)

As far as enemies are concerned, focus on killing Oblivion Knights first as they will cast curses that can damage you badly. Venom Lords are another enemy to beware of as they cause high Fire damage; So, try to stay away from them unless you have a good fire resistance stack. Killing Storm Casters is easy as they aren’t as dangerous as the aforementioned enemies. Try to finish them as quickly as possible.

You also have to face the titular boss of the game, Diablo. Diablo can do Lightning, Cold, Physical and Fire-based attacks. Your first priority should be to avoid its direct attacks. Your resistance must be high as you cannot dodge all of its attacks by running around.

It is a good strategy to place a safe town portal and go heal when necessary. While unleashing your attacks be very careful as you’ll also be vulnerable. Just be swift with your melee attacks.

Once you’ve done this once, subsequent runs will be easier as you know the strats. You can now reap the full benefits of the Chaos Run in Diablo 2 Resurrected.

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