Devil May Cry 5 Hidden Weapons Locations Guide

In Devil May Cry 5, you can find 7 Hidden Weapons while exploring Red Grave City. These Hidden Weapons in DMC 5 are some of the best weapons you can find and our guide will give you their locations.

Devil May Cry 5 Hidden Weapons

These Secret Weapons in Devil May Cry 5 can only be unlocked at specific parts of the game but once you get them, your character will gain immense powers as you level them up.

You can find these Hidden Weapons by progressing through the game and out of the 7, only one needs to be found and the rest will be unlocked automatically by completing missions.

How to Unlock Kalina Ann

After you finish the mission, you will find yourself in some ruins where you will destroy some blood sacs on the left.

After which, head to the ramp on the right, then turn around and follow the platforms to reach the upper floor. Once done, head forward and drop down to a new passage then enter the first door on the left. Kalina Ann will be marked by question marks in the room.


You need to finish Secret Mission #11.

Devil Sword Dante

You need to finish Finish Mission #12 – Yamato.

Dr. Faust

You need to finish Mission #13 – Three Warriors (Dante).

King Cerberus

You need to finish Finish Mission #16 in order to unlock this weapon.

Kalina Ann II

You need to start of Mission #18 to unlock Kalina Ann II automatically.

Double Kalina Ann

This weapon cannot be found if you have not already unlocked both Kalina Ann. Therefore, if you missed it, replay Mission #11 to unlock it first.