Devil May Cry 5 Combat Guide – Best Skills to Unlock, SSS Rank Combos, Tips and Tricks

Our Devil May Cry 5 Combat Tips and Strategies Guide will help you get SSS Rank, best skills to unlock, and fight effectively in Capcom’s DMC5.

Want to get the best out of DMC5’s combat? Here are a few tips to start you off on how you can “git gud” at DMCV. Our Combat Tips and Strategies Guide will help you get SSS Rank, best skills to unlock, and fight effectively in Capcom’s DMC5.

Devil May Cry 5 Combat

DMC5 grants you the option of remapping any action to any button. This means every player can virtually have his or her own different control schemes.

You could have a claw-shaped control scheme to simultaneously charge different attacks while engaging in combos. Adjusting the controls to your own comfort is very important for performing at your very best.

Make sure to also test said controls in the Void which brings me to my next point.

Use the Void

The Void is a realm that you can conjure up any type of enemy into practice your combos on them. This is the best way to prepare for enemy types that give you trouble. You can potentially down a strong enemy in one combo with enough practice.

So remember kids! Make sure to visit the Void often. Both to learn how to deal with enemies and to test out your different kinds of control schemes and whatnot.

Getting the Perfect Loadout

This one relies more on your own playstyle specifically since some weapons use Red Orbs while others restrict your mobility. Find the loadout best suited to your playstyle and watch your gameplay prosper as you utilize the best of your kit.

Also, worth noting that this only applies to Dante and Nero for reasons that I will not spoil.

Keep Taunting

It wouldn’t be Devil May Cry without style incorporated into the fighting, right? That is why it is very important to maintain an onslaught of taunts whenever you can during gameplay.

You can use certain weapons at your disposal to bind enemies into stunlocks and taunt them while they are helpless. Or taunt in the air halfway through a combo.

If you are really bold, you can use the small windows of enemy wave spawns to slip a taunt or two in. Keep the Style Gauge at high speeds at all times.


Your Style Points heavily weigh on how long you can keep the offense and damage going. That means not leaving gaps in your combos or you will lose your fire.

To avoid that happening, learn how to pull off switch-ups and frequently cycle between ranged and close attacks. Nero’s arm or Dante’s gun for example. Again, remember to taunt!

Keep an Eye on your Enemy

This goes to say in any slasher combat type game but always keep an eye on your enemy. It is also very important to not let yourself be surrounded but this is DMC so that is definitely going to happen.

What you can do is constantly pan the camera around for when enemies are charging their attacks and what not.

Any damage you take will be diminishing your Stylish Points. Better to dodge attacks or even counter them. Jumping and switching to ranged usually helps.

Now that we have gotten down with the basics, here is a few advanced techniques you can use:

Jump Cancelling

Jump Cancelling is a super useful technique to keep your combos going, stay in the air and out of danger longer as well as chain into even longer combos.

The move is performed by jumping off an enemy during an aerial attack by hitting the jump button on the last frame of an attack to interrupt its recovery animation.

This lets you stay up with them and spam even more attacks, attributing to your Stylish Rank.

Obviously pulling off a Jump Cancel will need a lot of practice since the frame with which you do it varies on every attack. Surely, once you familiarize yourself with your combos enough, Jump Cancelling should become a muscle reaction.

Using Nero’s Wire Snatch

You wouldn’t be taking full advantage of Nero’s abilities if you didn’t use his kickass bionic arm right? That is why make sure you use the wire snatch ability as much as possible.

Not only will you be able to interrupt enemy attacks with it, but you will also yank distant enemies close to yourself. This can be used to keep your Style Points high when you run out of nearby enemies.

Do not let the momentum of your combos die as you keep yanking foe after foe into new combo chains. Not to mention it looks badass. Moreover, you can scream “GET OVER HERE” every time.

Using EX

Your EX Gauge can be charged two different ways. One is just repeatedly hitting L2/LT, but that is too easy and boring.

The chad way to do it is by hitting the button within timed windows of your attacks. This is something you definitely should practice in the Void as it grants high stylish points and decimates enemies as well.

So that about wraps up the basics and a few advanced techniques to get you started. Of course, you would not have needed it if you were already a DMC veteran.

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