Devil May Cry 5 Auto-Assist Is Not Going To Be Like Easy Mode

Devil May Cry 5 auto-assist feature will help players that are new to the game and do not play these kinds of titles. But it is not an easy mode.

Devil May Cry 5 auto-assist feature will help players that are new to the game and do not play these kinds of titles but according to Matt Walker, this is not going to be an easy mode. It is going to be a kind of tutorial for people to get used to.

Turning this feature off will result in the style meter filling up pretty fast but the whole game is not meant to be played with this feature on. You can toggle it on and off whenever you want. The following is what Walker had to say about Devil May Cry 5 auto-assist:

Auto assist kind of helps with that, since if you’ve never played Devil May Cry before auto assist isn’t like an easy mode. That’s not the intent. The intent is simply that it’s more like a tutorial mode. You can turn it on whenever you want and you can mash the melee button, and by doing that I get a chance to see what the moves are that you can do – it gives you examples of how you can use each move, essentially.

Walker mentions that by turning the auto assist on in Devil May Cry 5 you can allow the AI to device what moves you are going to pull off but you can still do the moves you want to pull off. Once you get used to the moves of the game then you can turn it off and pull off the moves on your own. Walker mentioned that the moves have been made so that they are easy to pull off. The following is what he had to say:

The way we’ve designed the moves on the characters too – we’ve put a lot of effort into making sure that it’s easy to play but still looks really cool. We’ve put a lot of effort into things like the transitions on the animations and stuff like that, for instance – even if you’ve played Devil May Cry before, you might think you know the move but it looks cooler – it looks different – to what you’ve seen before.

Devil May Cry 5 is available for pre-order and there is a deluxe edition that comes with additional cosmetics and weapons that you might find useful while playing the game. For more news and information regarding Devil May Cry 5 stay tuned.

Let us know what you think about Devil May Cry 5 auto-assist and whether or not you are going to keep this feature on while you play the game.

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