Deviation Games’ PlayStation IP Rumored To Be A “World-Class FPS”

The rumor mill has allegedly churned new details about the new PlayStation-exclusive Deviation Games has been working on.

The rumor mill has allegedly churned new details about the new PlayStation-exclusive intellectual property which developer Deviation Games has been working on for a couple of years now.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, leaker Ooops Leaks claimed the in-development project to be a “world class first-person shooter” which will be supported by Deviation Games for years to come. The suggested live-service support will include several game modes on top of “heavily story-driven single-player campaigns and multiplayer aimed both for arcade modes and competitive ones.”

While everything is subject to change at the time of writing, Deviation Games is said to be planning its first reveal by the end of the year with the unnamed first-person shooter releasing exclusively for PlayStation 5 somewhere in 2024 provided that there are no delays.

Deviation Games was formed in November 2019 by former Treyarch developers Dave Anthony and Jason Blundell, both of whom are credited for their roles in the success of the Black Ops franchise with Blundell being one of the creators of the highly popular zombies mode of Call of Duty.

Sony Interactive Entertainment inked a deal with Deviation Games last year for an “ambitious” PlayStation intellectual property which has always been speculated to be a first-person shooter in light of the involvement of the minds behind Black Ops.

Deviation Games previously teased that its debut game will “deviate away from the normal, the boring, the humdrum – the things we’ve seen a hundred times.” The developer seeks to find a new balance between fun gameplay and good storytelling.

Considering that the Killzone and Resistance franchises have been missing in action for a long time now, Deviation’s new first-person shooter could potentially fill that PlayStation gap.

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