Ubisoft is Fighting for Resources to Develop Splinter Cell and Prince of Persia

Ubisoft is currently in a tug of war with developers to develop Splinter Cell and Prince of Persia. Developers are busy working on other projects. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Skull and Bones, The Division 2, and others have taken priority. Meanwhile, Splinter Cell and Prince of Persia have taken the back seat as devs commit to other titles.

Ubisoft chief creative officer Serge Hascoet says: “I love Splinter Cell, “I love Prince of Persia. I can’t disclose any information at this time, but I can say we are fighting for resources. It’s not a question of will, it’s a question of means.”

We haven’t seen a Prince of Persia game in over a decade. Assassin’s Creed was originally supposed to be a Prince of Persia title. However, the concept took a different route that led to what we now know as Assassin’s Creed. Ubisoft never looked back even though fans wanted it to. Splinter Cell, on the other hand, has better odds for another installment.

Ubisoft briefly mentioned Splinter Cell at E3 2018, saying that they “want to go back.” This wasn’t a confirmation by any means but it gave hope to fans of the series. Since then we have heard nothing about its development.

Blacklist is the most recent entry into the franchise but Ubisoft is keeping Sam Fisher alive outside of Splinter Cell. Ghost Recon Wildlands DLC brought it Sam Fisher as a guest character, voiced by Michael Ironside.

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