Deus Ex Franchise Is Not Dead According To Eidos Montreal

Over the past years, fans have almost given up hope of getting to see a new Deus Ex title released by Square Enix. Almost two years after the release of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Eidos Montreal reveals that the franchise isn’t dead and that it still is an important franchise but a new title for it has to be made correctly and respectfully.

We all remember the slow downfall that Deus Ex: Mankind Divided has taken after its relatively low sales. Since then Square Enix has acquired the rights to Marvel and Eidos Montreal has been too worked up with other projects. Many believed that after Mankind Divided we wouldn’t be able to see another Deus Ex title get released, however, its developer team thinks otherwise. Studio head David Anfossi, during an American preview event last week  with YouTube channel EPNdotTV said:

‘Deus Ex is here. We did not forget Deus Ex, we built the studio with this franchise. We gave out blood, sweat, everything to reboot this franchise and be true to it, so it’s not dead. It’s not dead.’

This isn’t the first time though that Eidos and Square Enix have talked about the future of the franchise. Last year, Square Enix boss Yosuke Matsuda suggested that the franchise is still important for the company Square Enix has other priorities for the time being.

As it seems, the Deus Ex franchise won’t have the same fate as the Hitman IP. According to Matsuda, the company could not support Hitman franchise in terms of allocating development resources and without the investment, the company would have ruined the franchise.

Eidos Montreal is currently working on Shadow of the Tomb Raider which releases on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on September 14. Its DLC have also been revealed bringing new weapons, missions, and skills and narrative based missions.

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