Detroit: Become Human Fugitives Walkthrough Guide – 100% Completion, Fugitives Flowchart

In this Detroit: Become Human Fugitives Walkthrough Guide, we will guide you on how to complete the tenth chapter in the main story of Detroit: Become Human.

We will share with you all the things that are required for completing the chapter 100% without leaving anything out and as quickly as possible.

Detroit: Become Human Fugitives Walkthrough

Detroit: Become Human is now out on PS4 exclusively and Quantum Dream is back with another stellar title. In Detroit: Become Human, you will be taking control of three different Androids with different purposes.

It is your task to help them achieve their goals in the best way possible. The game offers you various dialogue options, which shape the story of the game based on the choices that you make.

Fugitives is the tenth chapter in the main story of the game. In this chapter, you will be controlling Kara once again. The options chosen in this guide will lead you to the good ending of the game.

However, we have detailed other options and choices as well for you if you want to approach the ending a different way.

Fugitives Walkthrough

You start the chapter on a bus. Watch the initial cutscene and then when you are in control, wake Alice up so that you can leave the bus. Asking the bus attendant does nothing so you can simply exit the bus on your own with Alice.

Once you have exited the bus, walk along with Alice to the end of the street. During this time, you can press R2 to scan the area around and look for potential shelter locations.

Finding Shelter

Your main goal here is to find shelter. You have three options to find a shelter here and each place will alter the story a small bit. For 100% completion, you will have to replay the chapter again and choose a different place each time.

The three options for your shelter area nearby hotel, an abandoned building or an abandoned car in the parking lot.

Start heading down the street and Alice will sit on the bench nearby. Head to her and comfort her. At this point, an Android will appear behind Kara and engage in a small conversation.

Once the conversation is over, you can move ahead with Alice. In this guide, we will be taking shelter in the abandoned house.

To get access to the house, head to the area where the abandoned car is located and open the gate. Now go to the gate located on the far left side of the area and examine it. You need to find some wire cutters.

There are some located on the far right side of the area. Head there and pick them up.

Once you have the wire cutters, head back to the gate and use the wire cutters to cut away inside. Complete the QTE prompts and you will cut a small hole to enter the building. Alice will follow you inside.

Inside the House

Once you are inside, walk around the yard and find the main entrance of the house. You can peek inside the house from a window near the door.

Do not pull the wood window as of now. Head to the door and try to get it. At this point, Alice will disappear.

To find Alice, head back to the area where you came from. Once you are there, you will find Alice being held up by another Android. The name of the Android is Ralph.

Now you will have to pick some certain options to convince Ralph to let you stay in the house.

When prompted, pick the options Innocent choice, Insist and Stay. This will make Ralph let you stay in the house. He will lead both Kara and Alice inside.

Getting Comfortable in the House

Now that you are in the house, it is time to get comfortable inside. Watch the small cutscene when you are inside the house and then you will be required to make a fire and bed for Alice.

You can use your scanner by pressing R2 to scan the area. All objects will be highlighted on the map that you can interact with.

Pick up the items that you need to start a fire and take them to the fireplace. Now head to the other room where Ralph is present. He will be writing something on the wall. Talk with him, then go back, and talk with Alice.

Once the conversation is over, Kara will get in bed next to Alice and a short cutscene will begin. This will end the chapter.

This concludes our Detroit: Become Human Fugitives Walkthrough Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!

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