Destruction AllStars Might Become Free To Play

Destruction AllStars will soon be celebrating its first anniversary on PlayStation 5 and which might include a free-to-play update.

According to a post on Reddit earlier today, Destruction AllStars temporarily renamed its in-game challenges with “F2P” prefixes while servers went down for an hour-long maintenance prior to the release of the new patch.

The challenges have returned to their normal text following the patch but the spotted prefixes beforehand are being taken as a confirmation of the game becoming free to play in the near future.

Destruction AllStars hit a bit of controversy before its release. In line with industry practices, Sony Interactive Entertainment decided to increase the retail price of the game to $70 compared to the standard $60 price tag.

Destruction AllStars was then delayed after being announced as a launch title for PlayStation 5. With a declining interest, Sony then decided to release the game for free for all PlayStation Plus subscribers during the first two months of release.

Destruction AllStars was developed by Lucid Games to be a “global sports entertainment event where stars & cars collide.” That dream was however short-lived as players criticized the game for its lack of content during the initial months of release. Retaining players was a major issue which eventually forced Lucid Games to add AI in order to help with the matchmaking process.

Lucid Games has since then pushed several updates, including the one from earlier today, to introduce a plethora of improvements. The recent one actually overhauling most of the game mechanics in major ways.

Sony has been said to be not happy with how Lucid Games handled Destruction AllStars. The developer was rumored to be also working on a Twisted Metal reboot but which has now been taken away by Sony and handed over to one of its first-party PlayStation studios.

If there really is a free-to-play announce in the works, players can expect that announcement to be made by next week when the game becomes one year old.

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