Destiny: The Dark Below Crota’s End Raid Guide – Boss Tips and Strategies

Complete Destiny: The Dark Below Crota's End Raid walkthrough. Tips and strategies on each boss, mini-boss and enemies to help you complete each stage with ease.

Destiny’s new expansion DLC The Dark Below brings with itself an exciting new raid that will ask you and your companions to coordinate in the best manner to defeat Corta. The Corta’s End Raid is the DLC’s highlight addition to the MMO first-person shooter.

Destiny: The Dark Below Crota’s End Raid Walkthrough

This guide is a walkthrough of the Raid split into multiple sections of the Raid. Each section tackles the ‘stage’ of the raid. If you have any queries, do let us know by commenting below!

Traverse the Abyss

To start off the Raid, you’ll need to descend into the hellmouth in Crota’s End Raid. You’ll need to stand in the glowing circle until the bridge is built up. Head across the bridge, then jump into the abyss to begin your raid.

As soon as you land you will be attacked by a bunch of enemies. Fight them and keep following the lamp-like lights. Be careful with these though, as getting too close to the lamps or standing still near them for too long will make them explode.

Keep following the lamps and make sure you avoid the holes in the ground – they cannot be double-jumped over, so it’s best to simply run around them. Towards the end of this passage you will come across another circle light.

Stand in it and wait for the bridge to get constructed. Hold this line. For such places your Defenders will be life-savers, so make sure they step up their game and use the Barrier in the best possible way. Once the bridge is constructed, move onwards to get to the next section of the raid.

Crossing the Bridge, Killing Annihilator Totems, Gatekeepers

In this section you’ll have to take care of the Annihilator Totems. These need to stay blue, or else they will kill the entire fireteam. You will need to position two guardians inside of each of the front totems and wait for the Sword Bearer to appear.

Note that you can only leave the totem for no more than 10 seconds before it explodes and kills everyone.

Once the Sword Bearer spawns, have one of your teammates kill it (preferably a Gunslinger or Bladedancer) and grab the sword that it drops. You can then send one of your teammates or yourself into the center circle to construct the bridge.

For the next part, the Titan in your team should take the lead as you’ll have to fight a Gatekeeper. These enemies can only be damaged by the sword one of your members just picked up. Have a Titan in your squad (ideally a Defender) blind the Gatekeeper with a grenade, then have the sword-wielding player take him out.

Note that the sword only has a small lasting time, so you have to act fast. If you fail, another Sword Bearer will spawn at the back, and its sword can be used to defeat another Gatekeeper. You’ll need to repeat these steps until your entire team is across this bridge.

Once all the players have crossed, a Hallowed Ogre and Wizard will spawn. Kill them together, staying near the annihilator totems. There are 5 totems in total – the last person on the front side will be fine as long as the others are kept up on the backside.

That’s the end of this section. Now onto the next.

Killing Wizards and Ir Yut, The Deathsinger

Once you get to this part, there will be a timer here that will initiate after you kill the two wizards, and Ir Yut, the Deathsinger appears. This is basically your section 3 boss. You have 3 minutes for this fight after you start doing damage to the Deathsinger, as she will trigger her Litugy of Ruin.

There are quite a few levels 32 add enemies here that can be difficult to handle.

For this section, you’ll really need your Defenders to step up. The tough challenge comes not from the Deathsinger, but the ads and the time limit. Once the shrieker and wizards are taken care of, ready your heaviest weapons to deal with the Deathsinger.

Blind grenades work fairly well here to temporarily disable the additional enemies, so you can focus more on the Deathsinger. She tends to take a lot of damage when her barrier is down, so when you do go for her, make sure it is focused fire to get the maximum impact.

Once you have taken care of them all, it’s time to confront Crota in the final section of the battle.

Killing Crota’s End Final Boss
For this section, get the party to stand near the crystal, which will get Crota to spawn. In order to defeat him, you need to kill a Sword Bearer that spawns with him, grab his sword, and then attack him.

Note that you cannot regenerate health in this stage, so it’s best to give the Chalice of Light VOG to the player who will be using the Sword Bearer’s sword.

You can’t directly take on Crota after getting the sword though. Have your team shoot him until he drops on his knees. At this point the sword-wielding teammate needs to rush in and attack Crota.

The sword will last for around 45 seconds, then a new Sword Bearer will respawn, at which time Crota will be immune to damage. Every time a player dies, an Oversoul will respawn. This is a green glowing orb up above. You need to get rid of it by shooting it.

At this moment Ogres and Hive Boomers will start to spawn as well, so make sure you watch for them. Keep it up and pass on the Chalice to whoever needs it the most (but leaving it for the sword-wielder for the most), and you should be able to defeat Crota with some good team effort.

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