Destiny Could Sell 20M Copies and Beat Advanced Warfare, Say Analysts

Analysts believe that Destiny is going to outsell Call of Duty Advanced Warfare and maybe sell around 20 million units!

Well, many of you who are already die-hard fans of Destiny would be expecting this already, but it is still a big deal when you are told that Call of Duty is expected to get dethroned. Analysts are expecting that the first person shooter by Bungie could actually sell around 20 million units and outsell Call of Duty Advanced Warfare.

Well it won’t be dethroning as technically Advanced Warfare is a new game, but Call of Duty has maintained the position of the top selling game for a long time now. Could it change?

Analyst Doug Creutz of Cowen & Company is an expert at forecasting, statistics and sales. He keeps a track of the anticipation among fans after every year’s E3 Conference though the retail sites and general audience. He believes that the game has the highest rating since the past four years:

We continue to believe that Destiny is a lock to sell at least 15 million copies. And we now view 20 million copies as increasingly likely. Now, we still think it’s unlikely that Destiny will match the actual unit sales of [Call of Duty: Black Ops II] or [Grand Theft Auto V] due to the cap created by a PS4/Xbox One hardware installed base that we expect to be 25 to 30 million units by year’s end,” wrote Creutz. “We do expect Destiny to spur significant hardware unit sales of PS4s and Xbox Ones, and we expect Destiny to have very high attach rate to new-gen hardware.

Do you think that Destiny is good enough to outsell Call of Duty Advanced Warfare?

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