Destiny Rise of Iron Will Again Have PS4 Exclusive Content

Destiny Rise of Iron expansion will have more exclusive content for Playstation 4 gamers, including a new quest, a Crucible map, and new rewards.

There will once again be Playstation 4 exclusive content for the upcoming Destiny Rise of Iron expansion. Playstation 4 players received an email from Bungie earlier today talking about all of the exclusive content they would get, which includes an exclusive game, an exclusive Crucible map, questline, and reward for it.

Exclusive content for the Playstation 4 has been nothing new with Destiny. Previously, during Year One and Year 2, the Playstation 4 version had included a number of exclusive content that included armor, weapons, and ships, such as the Fourth Horseman, a four-barreled shotgun that only became available to all Destiny players after The Taken King was released.

Rise of Iron promises a new segment of story as players fight a new technological plague that has taken over the Fallen House of Devils, and will learn more about the mysterious Iron Lords. A new social space, the Iron Lords’ fortress of Felwinter Peak, will also be opening up. Other areas include the Wall and the Plaguelands, areas where we’ve never been before that are outside of the Cosmodrome.

Rise of Iron will also include a new raid, a new questline, updated strikes, patrols, and public events as well.

Other bits of content for Destiny Rise of Iron include a new version of the Gjallarhorn rocket launcher, which will be getting a Year Two version in addition to one with an Iron Lords-specific color scheme. Bungie also recently announced a new Sparrow in Iron Lords livery, also for pre-order (via a hilarious trailer).

Destiny Rise of Iron is set to come out on September 20, but all of the special content will likely only be available for Playstation 4 players until maybe the next expansion comes out, if what Bungie did with the PS4 content last time came true.

And, if you’re on Playstation 3 or Xbox 360 and want to play it, you should probably start saving up to buy an Xbox One or Playstation 4, because the expansion won’t be coming to last-gen consoles.

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