Destiny Glimmer Farming Guide – Easy Money Tips, How to

In Bungie’s Destiny, Glimmer is a programmable matter which serves as the primary currency in the game world. Purchasing items and services from different vendors in the Tower requires Glimmer.

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Destiny Glimmer Farming

Destiny offers more than one ways of earning Glimmer which include completing missions, killing enemies, dismantling weapons/equipment, and treasure chests.

Yet, none of these methods provide enough of these Glimmer to buy and try out everything. Therefore, this guide is dedicated to different methods used to farm Glimmer in Destiny.

Check them out below and let us know what you think!

Shrine of Oryx

The basic idea behind this method is same as above.

In this mission, you will come across a large number of hive enemies which drop 25 Glimmer upon death. Once again, take up the Black Wax Idol at about halfway through the mission and you will receive increased Glimmer.

Do note that these enemies which drop 25 Glimmer upon death have yellow health bar and only appear in hard difficulty mode.

Note: During the final boss fight, you will have a hundred per cent chance of receiving a Black Wax Idol.

The area where you come across about eight of these hive enemies is when the Ghost will say something like, “There is a shrine…” You need to focus only on these hive enemies and need not worry about the rest.

Utilizing this to your advantage, you can have as many runs of this mission as you want and keep on getting Glimmer.

Cosmodrome Enemies

This method requires you to go to Cosmodrome and head inside the room right next to spawn point. You will find three level 18 enemies inside this room. Killing each of these enemies will drop 25 Glimmer, making it a total of 75 Glimmer per visit.

Once you are done, go outside and re-enter the same room after a couple of seconds to find those enemies spawned again. Kill them again and keep on repeating the process!

Tip: Take up Black Wax Idol to increase the amount of Glimmer earned.

Those of you having difficulty finding the area, it is in the same place where the second mission takes place. From the small building, head down the stairs and you will come across a hole in the wall. At this point, use your flashlight and you will get the enemies.

Kell’s Ship in Venus

Start up exploration mode in the Venus and get on the path which leads to the Kell’s ship. While on your way, you will come across a fallen camp with about twenty fallen enemies. At this point, break open an ether seed and kill all enemies.

After killing these enemies, head inside the tunnel and come back to find all those enemies spawned again.

The effect of ether seed lasts for approximately ten minutes so you can have quite a lot Glimmer during the whole time. Not only Glimmer, but you will also receive items like engrams, house banners, etc.

The Warmind

You need to keep going through this mission to the end where the Ghost is required to interact with the warmind. Before making the Ghost interact with the warmind, take up an ether seed – if you have one.

Let the Ghost interact with the warmind and gear up to kill waves of hive enemies which yield decent amount of Glimmer. Once the boss appears, let a random enemy kill you which will make you spawn at the most-recent checkpoint – since it is not a darkness zone.

You need to keep doing this unless the effects of the ether seed last. Once it is over, restart and repeat the same process.

Sword of Crota

Start this mission with level modifier of 11 and preferably with an online buddy. After starting the mission, your friend needs to fight the level 6 Prince and you need to get to the end of the mission.

Once both of you reach the sword, clear the area of all the enemies so that the sword spawns. Immediately after picking up the sword, take up a Black Wax Idol [by both players] and start killing spawned enemies.

Keep on repeating the same process to earn not only Glimmer, but rare engrams and codex.

Share your own methods of Glimmer farming with us in the comments below!

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