Destiny Focused Youtube and Twitch Streamers are Abandoning the Series

Many well-known ‘Destiny’ game content creators on Youtube and on streaming-service Twitch are abandoning Destiny related content and reconsidering the future of their channels, less than a year after the release of Destiny 2.

This has to do with the developer Bungie constantly disappointing its core audience by repeatedly making horrible decisions; displeasing many of its longtime fans. Such as when last year, Bungie was caught rigging the XP system in an effort to encourage players into purchasing loot crates and other microtransactions.

This is in addition to a slew of other misfires the developer behind Halo has made, such as messing up the Dawning event and the Faction Rally earlier this month. This is in addition to Bungie locking more and more of the game up behind paid Eververse loot boxes; doing nothing to quell the growing displeasure of its increasingly small fan base.

One of the biggest Destiny focused Youtubers Datto, who built his channel up by covering Destiny 1 related videos; said in a tweet in response to subscriber questions about the lack of a video on a major Destiny 2 update that, “I just don’t care nor can I get myself to care”.

Another Destiny Youtuber, Patrick Casey said in his recent ‘The State of Destiny 2 and This Channel’ video that “Destiny 2 just isn’t the type of game that needs the content that I make right now. When every weapon is more or less the same thing, do you really need me to tell you that, multiple times per week? ”.

One of the most recognizable Destiny streamers, MiscKingGothalian is also distancing himself from the Destiny franchise and said in a post on Reddit that, “I love Destiny. Always will. Always have. But it’s time to separate my channel branding away from that game to promote future growth”.

Other non-Destiny focused but gaming-related YouTube content creators also weighed in on the issue with a

With all the negative press surrounding Destiny 2, it’s understandable why these content creators would want to distance themselves from the Destiny brand altogether and diversify instead.

Does Bungie still have time to mend its ways or will it sink and go the way of the Titanic? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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