Destiny Didn’t Cost $500 Million to Develop, Bungie COO Clarifies

COO of Bungie, Pete Parsons in a new interview has revealed that it didn’t cost $500 Million to develop the upcoming shooter Destiny.

He clarified that this $500 Million is a lot more than development process as it includes long-term investment that company will be making in the future.

He continued on to say that Bungie has come to Activision with a plan for next 10 years.

We came out of Microsoft as an independent company and we have a great pedigree and the reason why we have a great pedigree is because we have so many great people.

I think Activision saw our vision, believed in it. Owning the IP was really important to us. Being an independent company was really important to us and we’re able to form the right partnership and things have gone great.

Parsons believes that people will remember their experience with Destiny, just as they remember it with Halo, as company is putting all of its effort to provide an unforgettable experience to the fans.

He also mentioned that company wanted to do something like Destiny for a very long time, but due to lack of technology and expertise, the ideas were dropped.


However, this time around company has both the expertise and technology to pull off this kind of game and Activision is constantly proving its support for Bungie by allowing them more freedom to try out new stuff.

Destiny is scheduled to hit the shelves on 9th of September for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Source: Games Industry

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