Destiny April Update Fixes Arrive Today; Sterling Treasure Included

Destiny April update brought many issues along with it but Bungie will release a new patch that will fix most of these problems before day's end.

Destiny April update rolled out on consoles little over a week ago but sadly, it brought a number of issues along with it. However, developers are going make sure all of them are dealt with once and for all.

One of the major issues was the missing sterling treasure. You’ll be pleased to know that Sterling Treasure will no longer be missing after the latest patch is installed. The update will roll out today to fix less ammo being dropped during PvP encounters, Universal Remote decrypted from special weapon engrams, Ghosts as Nightfall rewards.

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There are some other things the player should know and ways you can deal with some easily solvable issues:

  • To unlock the new April Update Quests “At the Gates” and “Return to the Prison”, Characters must have reached Level 40 and completed the “Dread Patrol” Quest Step.
  • We are aware of an issue where some players’ Clan Tags are not appearing in-game after accepting Update 2.2.0. Using the “Repair Clan” feature on should resolve this issue. For additional information, please see this Help Article.
  • Page numbers displayed within the Vault will increase or decrease depending on the amount of items you actively have within your Vault. For more information, follow this link. Vault Space totals are now as follows:
    • 108 Weapons
    • 108 Armor
    • 72 General Items
  • The Year 2 Prison of Elders Exotics Dreg’s Promise, Queenbreakers’ Bow, and Lord of Wolves may be earned by completing Prison of Elders Challenge Mode Activities. These may not be acquired via Exotic Weapon Blueprints.
  • Some weekly rewards, such as Legendary Engrams or Sterling Treasure Mystery Bags, are granted via Post Game Carnage Reports. These rewards may not be granted if you leave the activity before seeing this screen.
  • Players are reporting less ammunition than expected dropping in specific PvE encounters. We’re investigating and looking at data.
  • Universal Remote (a Primary Weapon) is decrypting from Special Weapon Engrams. Investment designers are looking into why this Exotic Shotgun has forgotten its role.
  • Ghosts are dropping as rewards for Nightfall Strikes with lower Light than expected. A fix is being planned for a future deployment.
  • Cryptarch Rank Up packages are granting Year One Engrams. We also hope to fix this in a future deployment.

Destiny April update fixes will be out at 10AM PST.

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