Destiny – 5.8% Players Never Even Finished the First Mission on PlayStation

According to the trophy stats, only 5.8% of the people owning Destiny on PlayStation have acquired the first and most basic trophy of the game.

Ever since its release, Destiny has had mixed reviews and feedback. Some have called it an overhyped IP that offers little to nothing new, while others have invested thousands of hours into the MMO shooter.

Irrespective of any individual’s opinion, it’s no fact that a huge number of players have played the game in its year-long age. According to Bungie, there are currently 16 million registered users according to numbers extracted in January 2015. That’s mighty impressive.

However, according to some clever investigative research into the matter, a Redditor has shown that only 5.8% of the people owning the game on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 have acquired the first and most basic trophy of the game, which is awarded for completing literally the first mission.

With Sony’s console users being part of more than 50% of the registered accounts, it means that there are around 1.5 million players who may have simply given up on Destiny without ever finishing the first mission.

Of course, there are lots of variables involved, but the numbers could actually surpass that if Xbox users are to be considered.

Destiny has been criticized for forcing fatigue-inducing farming and content that can become old, but it has mostly been criticized by dedicated users of inability to find adequate players for forming a Fireteam for a Raid.

This is backed by the appalling 77.3% users who have never acquired the Raider trophy, given to those who complete a Raid.

These numbers are expected to rise as The Taken King DLC releases on all platforms on September 15.

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