Destiny 3 Leak Reveals Europa Location And a Heavy Focus Set on RPG Elements

Destiny 3 leak has revealed that the game will cosnist of a Europa location. The game will have a heavy focus set on RPG elements.

Destiny 3 rumors have finally started to come in. According to a well-respected leaker, Destiny 3 has gone into full development with a heavy focus set on the RPG elements.

Chris Barrett is now directing the game while Luke Smith takes on another position. Leaker reports that Europa will be one of the playable locations in Destiny 3. The upcoming game will have more RPG elements than Destiny 2 or the latest Forsaken expansion.

It will have PvPvE patrol zones (battles with peoples and monsters) though they are not similar to what we have seen in games like The Division. Rather than that, it will be a struggle for territory.

Destiny 3 leak reveals that the focus of the game will be on hardcore players, not casual ones. New elements of darkness with new subclasses are also said to be included.

Bungie is also looking forward to not repeat the mistakes done with Destiny 2. The company is working on to not receive criticism with the release of the upcoming game.

Destiny 3 leak tells us that the game has just started development so we will not see it next year. But we will most likely get another expansion for Destiny 2 in 2019.

Do take this all with a grain of salt as nothing has been officially confirmed yet. We hope that the upcoming game turns out to be a success unlike Destiny 2 which struggled so much at launch. Though Forsaken expansion has now arrived and it has brought positive feedback from the community.

Destiny 2 update 2.0.4 has now arrived on all platforms. It brings various changes to the game including nerfs, buffs and more. Some changes have been made in different classes. Throwing hammers cannot be picked anymore or even picked when your Throwing Hammer ability isn’t fully charged.

Armor, weapons, Gambit, and the Crucible have also received several changes. The new update is big and if you are interested, you can check out the full patch notes here.

Forsaken expansion owners are now in for a treat. Bungie has announced that Destiny 2 Forsaken expansion will now include previous expansions of the game absolutely free.

Destiny 2 was also available for free on PlayStation Plus last month.

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