Destiny 2 Lair Raid Boss Beaten In Just 7 Seconds, But Can You?

Destiny 2's lair boss has been beaten in just 7 seconds by a team which is unbelievable and will definitely disappoint Bungie because of how easy it is.

Destiny 2 has been in news a lot lately since the release of Spire of Stars lair which came with the Warmind expansion on May 11, The first team to clear the raid did it in 6 hours afterward which people started to speed run the raid in just 16 minutes or killing the boss without even using the guns. Well for the latest, someone has defeated the boss in just 7 seconds.

A team has managed to kill the lair boss in just 7 seconds which is the same time most people spend on choosing a class. This was shared by a user on Reddit and later there was also a video uploaded on Youtube by Sweatcicle showing how it is done. You can check the full video here for the entire fight including taking the boss down in few seconds.

Luckily the team has also shared the setup which includes 1 Sunbreaker Titan (Fever), 5 Voidwalker Warlocks which are Gigz, Gladd, Balla, Icecide, and Administries.

The team also mentioned the things they stacked which are:

  • 20% melee kill damage buff from raid gauntlets.

  • 15% power weapon buff from raid chest piece.

  • 25% increased void damage from raid bond.

  • 50% buff from Ikelos shotgun.

  • 50% buff from melting point.

  • 50% void damage buff from Tractor cannon.

Now you can try yourself following the terms provided by the team and maybe do it even in less than 7 seconds? Well, you guys are unpredictable. By doing so you can disappoint Bungie even more who recently made fun of Destiny 2 players saying the game is easy by sending out some sarcastic Tweets.

If you are someone who is having a hard time completing raid then don’t worry as we have also made a Spire of Stars Raid lair guide to help you out.

Can you kill the raid boss this quick? Let us know in the comments below.

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