Destiny 2 Withered Plumes Locations Guide

This guide would help to lead you to the location of Withered Plumes in order to complete the Essence of Obscurity quest in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep. This quest unlocks “Every Waking Moment”, the Legendary Destiny 2 SMG.

Destiny 2 Withered Plumes Locations

Withered Plumes are your gateway to unlocking one of the best SMG in Destiny 2. Withered Plumes are needed to complete the Essence of Obscurity quest, which then rewards you with the much-awaited SMG upon completion.

How to Get Withered Plumes

Withered Plumes can be found in the Circle of Bones which is the underground hub of the Hellmouth depths. There are three main paths to it, although I prefer the path found northwest of the southern landing zone on the moon.

Go for the west path, jump on your sparrow and move out of the safe zone. Keep moving amidst the Fallen gunfire, eventually coming out the other side of the base.

You will now be in a canyon that leads into a door with green markings above it. This door to the Hellmouth is being guarded by Hive Acolytes and Knights.

Descend through the chasm until you reach the Hall of Wisdom. Now you can either fight or just run to the other side. We would recommend running, as it is not worth fighting here and wasting your time.

To make your escape a little less challenging, drop an explosive in the middle of the hall, and then make use of the Moon’s intense gravity to jump yourself to safety.

Jump straight through the hall and take the corridor on the northeast. The Circle of Bones is the room after passing the Hall of Wisdom. This here is the basement of Hellmouth. Continue till the end of the path.

The Withered Plumes are just hanging out of the edge, lying on the railing, at the end of the path. Once you near the collectible, a marker will appear across your screen and guide you to the exact location. It’s a little dark and you’ll have to stress your pupils a little to spot Withered Plumes.

Procure these, complete rest of the objectives for the Essence of Obscurity quest, if you have not already. Bring it back to Lectern of Enchantment next to Eris Morn and collect the awesome Every Waking Moment SMG in Destiny 2.