Destiny 2 Will Feature Four Differently Themed Seasons Every Year

Bungie has a robust post-release content plan for Destiny 2 that the developer believes will help in retaining the active player-base for years to come.

While hosting a panel at TwitchCon 2017 earlier today, Bungie announced (via Kotaku) that the highly anticipated sequel will feature four seasons every year. They will all be themed differently and defined by special cosmetic items, meaning that some may be exclusive to their respective seasons and be unable to attain afterwards.

We are currently in the middle of the first season. It is unknown as to when the second season will begin but the community can look forward to at least another Iron Banner and Faction Rally event after Destiny 2 releases for PC next week.

Clans will have their progress reset at the end of every season in order to give new clans the opportunity to keep pace with those far more regular. In addition, perks obtained from leveling up a clan will change depending on the season and its theme.

Larger updates that include significant tweaks and adjustments to weapons, items, and other gameplay aspects will only be introduced at the end of a season. New content will also follow suite so that the meta does not suddenly change while everyone is in the middle of a season. On that note, weapons will change from season to season as well depending on the theme.

Furthermore, the second season will be adding ornaments to the gear obtained from Iron Banner, Faction Rally, and Trials. Players will have to complete challenges tracked by the gear itself in order to unlock the ornaments. Players will also be able to buy gear directly from Lord Saladin instead of resorting to random pieces by earning engrams.

Bungie will release more details on the upcoming content packs in the coming weeks.

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