Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Xenophage Exotic Quest Guide

Recently Bungie has launched a brand-new exotic weapon quest in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep called The Journey. After you’ve completed The Journey, you can unlock the latest exotic machine gun Xenophage. In this guide, we will show you how to complete the exotic quest and unlock Xenophage in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep.

The Xenophage can fire 13 round magazines that can blow the adversaries away with a small explosive radius. It’s a must-have weapon especially against waves of enemies.

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Xenophage Exotic

You can start this quest after entering the portal situated near Eris on the Moon. You’ll encounter four statues in the sitting room of Eris, these statues will light any one of the other statues. Upon lighting all the statues, you’ll receive a reward.

In order to light each statue, you’ll have to communicate with them in order. If your view is from the entrance of the room then the order will be: front right, back left, front left. After lighting all the statues, a chest will come into sight and you’ll receive The Journey exotic quest as a reward.

Lighting the way
After receiving The Journey, head to the Anchor of Light. Once you’ve made it to the Anchor of Light, simply move in the direction of the large tower on your left. Now, you’ll have to communicate with the fire that is situated in the small-sized building under the tower.

Through this fire you’ll receive a buff. After receiving the buff, you’ll need to run around the Anchor of Light and activate six lecterns in a certain order, because if you don’t follow the right order, you’ll lose your buff and have to start all over again.

Solve the Lost Sector puzzles
Once you’ve finished the previous step, you’ll be given more clues. Meaning you’ll have to go on a dangerous journey to all four of the Lost Sectors of the Moon and finish a puzzle situated on a wall, at the far end of the past and final chests.

Your objective is to rotate all the objects on the puzzle until all of them match the character given above. You’ll unlock another step after receiving all four map fragments and finishing all four of the puzzles.

Journey to the Depths
Since you have the possession of a full map, you’ll need to finish the initial phase of the Pit of Heresy. This is the most interesting part of the quest, as soon as you finish this section, you’ll unlock the chest and will encounter a wall with many doors.

Enter the door that doesn’t have a rune above it. After entering the door, you’ll need to interact with yet another rune and move towards the next encounter.

Light more torches
You’ll see a series of Hive runes on the floor in the second encounter (When you’re chased by invulnerable ogres). These Hive runes are on the cliff, far from your dropped position. As soon as you interact with these runes, you’ll see a series of platforms appearing in front of you.

Obtain the fire by jumping over these platforms and return to your initial position. While on your way back, be sure to continue moving to the right side. Your main objective is to find and light up the doors having two lecterns. The door will open and you’ll proceed to the next step in the quest as soon as you light them.

Defeat the Hive Witch
After the doors open, you’ll enter a room having four distinctive runes. These runes are represented by glowing orb below it. Blue represents arc, red represents solar, purple represents void, and white represents impartial.

Also, watch out for the boss in the next room. Match your Debuff (that you’re affected by) with the rune in the first room and then look for the matching rune in the second room and deposit the light. This way you’ll receive a buff for 30 seconds and you can easily damage the boss.

Continue this process of matching your debuff with the rune until you’ve put an end to the boss, this way you’ll receive an item that you can exchange with Eris for Xenophage exotic machinegun. Xenophage is the second exotic quest to be added in Shadowkeep, with the first one being the Leviathan’s Breath.

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