Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Builds Guide

With the release of Destiny 2 Shadowkeep, players who haven’t tried the game in a while might be a bit confused with all the changes and how to best make use of their gear. For that reason, we have compiled a bunch of these Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Builds which can give them a boost in combat and make the journey easier.

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Builds

These builds were already very nice but which the new update we will see exponential betterment in them mainly because of artifact mods but also just in general.

The reason behind that is the synergy itself between these exotic and subclasses is extremely powerful depending on how you spec things out one of these builds could wind up being a main build inside a Shadowkeep for you so fellas without further ado let ‘s get into it:

Build #1

Exotic Armor: Doom Fang Pauldron
Exotic Weapon: Ward of dawn
Perk: Horns of Doom
Titan Subclass: Sentinel
Class Ability: Rallying Force
Path: Code of Protector
Grenade: Any

In the first build, we will discuss Doom Fang. Doom Fang comes with the exotic perk horns of doom which give you super energy by allowing void melee kills to give you super energy and that super energy is huge. Your super goes up by every melee kill with a full melee charge substantially.

Basically, if you load all the things out into strength then it will cause your super to be generated very quickly which is a great bonus given that it is very hard to get super in these titles.

This build greatly rewards you on the front end of getting your super and if you got your strength maxed out and your melee cooldown is extremely low then constantly proccing horns of doom won’t be an issue.

Simultaneously, Defensive Strike will grant you and your allies an over shift which is very beneficial but the main thing out of all of this is of course “Ward of Dawn” that will grant us weapons of lights in Shadowkeep which will grant us the highest buff at 35% more damage.

So, basically as soon as you get your super which is going to be very fast with Doom Fang, switch with saint-14, pop your bubble and saint-14 will now grant you and your allies starless night which is essentially an over shield which you can combine with weapons of light.

But when you pop your bubble just simply swap back to Doom Fang and this is how you still get the perched on this night, you’re still granting yourself and your allies and over shield but now you can immediately start taking advantage of Doom Fam again and horns of doom to get your super back even faster. This is just a very good way of constantly having a bubble ready for you and your teammates.

Build #2

Exotic Armor: Controverse Hold
Exotic Weapon: Vigilance Wing / Riskrunner (optional)
Perk: Chaotic Exchanger
Warlock Subclass: Voidwalker
Class Ability: Chaos Accelerant
Path: Attunement of Chaos
Grenade: Vortex

Talking about our next build which is very surprising because it involves Contraverse Hold and Chaos Accelerant on top tree of Void Walker. Contraverse Hold, normally an exotic we think of for PvP because it allows us to resist incoming damage while charging your void grenade, but it states that charge void grenades return a random amount of grenade energy on hit.

This is not necessarily beneficial for handheld supernovas or even just regular grenades for that matter but for something like chaos accelerant, you hold your grenade button to overcharge your grenade which makes your grenade more deadly and more effective, do this for vortex grenades which supercharges your vortex grenade allowing it to hit for major amounts of damage.

Many people have associated chaos accelerant alongside vortex grenades to be like meaty nova bumps. During this time frame as it is consistently doing damage, it will be constantly returning a random amount of grenade energy and against something like majors there really is no better synergy here than controverting chaos accelerant and as you run into super thick targets constantly more so than just normal trash acts.

To make things even better our Artifact mods seem to be designed perfectly for this build, to start we have overload grenades which states that void grenades cause disruption which actually delays ability energy regeneration and lowers combat and damage output, specifically strong against overload champions but then we have disruptor spine which improves the effect of disruption lowering that combines damage output even further. But that’s just a nice cherry on top.

Oppressive Darkness states that causing damage with a void grenade now adds a weakened effect to enemies. So, now you’re going to have the ability to run around, constantly have a grenade on you at all times especially if you’re speccing out for it.

You’re gonna be able to take advantage of disruption which weakens your target and you’re gonna be able to give them a debuff with the Press of Darkness. Fellas this is gonna be a must-have build when dealing with super meaty enemies.

Build #3

Exotic Armor: Heart of Inmost Light
Exotic Weapon: Fighting Lion / Riskrunner (optional)
Perk: Overflowing Light
Titan Subclass: Sentinel
Class Ability: Resupply
Path: Code of the Commander
Grenade: Void Grenade

The third build is kind of the same take as Contraverse Hold and Chaos Accelerant but instead, it’s with Heart of Inmost Lights and Middle Tree Syndrome. The intrinsic perk here states that using an ability grenade, melee or barricade empowers the other two abilities and power means abilities have a faster regeneration, melees and grenades do more damage and barricades have more hit points.

The main benefit out of all of this is, of course, the grenade damage. Grenade damage is greatly boosted so much so that you can actually get one-hit kills with sticky grenades inside of PvP but inside a PvE when paired with something like void wall grenades on military Sentinel.

Sentinel is one of the best way to clear large amount of ads, as for every target that is hit with a void ability, a void detonator will also be attached and further hits causes the detonator to explode, dealing extra AOE damage to nearby enemies.

A huge benefit of void ball grenades is not only does it apply the attached void detonator but as it’s consistently doing damage, it also results in the detonators exploding and again throughout all of these explosions and void detonators going off you and nearby allies are constantly regaining health as well as grenade and melee energy.

Every time one of those detonators explode and having something like Heart of Inmost light that is helping with that ability regeneration but also granting stacks of power results in more damage more power and more kills you can see why our artifact mods like overload grenades, disruptor spike and especially oppressive darkness is gonna be super beneficial here with heart of in most lights plus middle tree Sentinel.

I know the rage is all around Ward of dawn and weapons of lights and they ‘re not gonna take anything away from that but in terms of clearing out adds.

Build #4

Exotic Armor: Liar’s Handshake
Exotic Weapon: Mida Multi + Mini Tools
Perk: Cross Counter
Hunter Subclass: Arcstrider
Class Ability: Combat Flow
Path: Way of the Warrior
Grenade: Any

Our next build is Liar’s Handshake plus Combination book. I know these two things are gonna get a nerf, at least when working together but I do not believe it’s gonna be trash if you consider the way Bungie worded this so I don ‘t think Bunge is gonna outright kill this exotic and the synergy that it has with top tree arc strider, I think it’s just simply gonna be balanced to allow us to no longer like one phase raid bosses.

Liar’s Handshake comes with the perk cross-counter. Using your arc melee ability or being hit by a melee attack will allow you to follow up with an extremely powerful melee counter punch that will heal you.

The Artifact mods we will be using are Thunder Coil which grants bonus damage for all arc melee abilities and refunds super energy on finisher final blows, so you ‘re gonna get extra damage with that artifact mod by itself.

You also have arc battery which will grant you an over shield and reduce your cooldown for all of your arc class abilities when performing them and of course if you ‘re taking advantage of this entire subclass tree melee kills recharger Dodge ability, gamblers dodge and also gives you back your dodge.

Thus resulting in extra damage more stacks of combination blow and an extra stack of damage there with Thunder coil and as an added cherry on top the artifact mod Unstoppable Melee will actually allow your arc melee abilities to stagger unshielded enemy combatants, it’s specifically strong against unstoppable champions.

Having something available to stagger unstoppable enemies is gonna be a necessity but as an added layer this build will have the potency to probably kill most of those unstoppable enemies while staggering.

Build #5

Exotic Armor: Wormhusk Crown
Exotic Weapon: Mida Multi + Mini Tools
Perk: Burning Souls
Hunter Subclass: Arcstrider
Class Ability: Lightning Reflexes, Focused Breathing
Path: Way of the Wind
Grenade: Any

Our final build involves Wormhusk Crown and Bottom Tree arc strider. Wormhusk is an exotic that a lot of people thought was wrongfully nerfed considering we have one eye mask. This build, with the Burning Soap perk has a lot of PvP potential.

Dodging gives a small health and shield bump, I think Wormhusk in its current state is still pretty good a lot of people say it’s useless which I think is completely wrong. Now for the synergy of the bottom tree of Arctrider, first up you get lightning reflexes.

So, while you are dodging to while using something like Wormhusk, you ‘re already harder to kill but then you get focused breathing which is one of the most powerful perks out of all the perks on the Arcstrider subclasses.

As sprinting recharges your dodge ability it also increases maximum sprint speed now during this process of dodging, giving yourself back a small bump there in health and shield when combined with the artifact Arc battery.

You will now be granting yourself an over shield and further reducing the cooldown of your Arc class ability which is just simply your dodge which already has a pretty fast cooldown especially with something like focus breathing thus results in Wormhusk Crown full returning as a top-tier exotic.

One-Punch build

Exotic Armor: Peregrine Greaves
Exotic Weapon: Last Man standing+ Monte Carlo
Exotic Perk: Peregrine Strike
Titan Subclass: Sunbreaker
Class Ability: Explosive Pyre, Tempered Metal, Hammer Strike, Vulcan’s Rage
Path: Code of the Fire Forged
Grenade: Any

You can one punch almost everything in the game. Infinite melee is another adjective of this build and you can bag one-hit kills easily with build with 84x melee damage and the weapons you use with the build are totally crazy that give all the best perks required. It is recommended that you try this one as well

These are the builds that I would recommend you to try inside Shadowkeep as they have already been used by players and deemed worthy. If we missed anything let us know. Have fun designing your build.

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