Destiny 2 Pre-Order Numbers Are Amazing Even There is no Gameplay Yet

GameStop says Destiny 2 pre-order numbers are amazing, this is surprising because the game has yet to release any actual game footage.

Bungie has yet to release some actual game footage of their upcoming game, but it appears that will not be stopping Destiny 2 pre-order from increasing in numbers by the thousands. It seems like players cannot wait to get their hands on this sci-fi shooter.

This statement was given by GameStop the retail video game selling chain. Eric Bright, Senior Director of Merchandising said that the pre-order of Destiny 2 is amazing.

The early results that we are seeing from Destiny 2 pre-orders are amazing. Consumers are really appreciating the uniqueness of our assortment.

Our ‘Only@ GameStop’ exclusive collectibles, such as our Gjallarhorn Replica and the Destiny Warlock 7-inch Figure by McFarlane Toys, have been huge hits. Our exclusive game bundles also are providing fans of the franchise with a solution for one-stop shopping.

Well, this claim appears to be true since Destiny 2 pre-order Collector’s Editions are running out quickly and becoming increasingly hard to find.

Bright also mentioned, that together with the Destiny 2 pre-order of the Limited Edition version, the company also has a number of goodies for hardcore fans like Cayde-6 figure, which is a pre-order bonus.

Destiny has set records in the past both in hype and sales, so the pre-order response is not new for the franchise but GameStop recently announced that the sales for the last quarter of 2016 were very weak, resulting in more than hundred stores closing.

It looks like this merchandise scheme is working well for Destiny 2 pre-order, but one thing has been bothering many players that by creating so much hype about their upcoming game, Bungie might be making things difficult for itself.

This hype will exert pressure on the studio to release trailers, demos and eventually the full game quite early. If by some chance the studio does not release it so soon, then the hype will settle down and players will lose interest in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 is in production, set to launch on September 8 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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