Destiny 2 PC Version Fate Hangs In The Balance According To New Job Postings

High Moon Studios has a jobs posting which indicates that Destiny 2 PC version might not be in development yet, or at all

We know the game is coming out, probably at the end of this year, but it seems like Destiny 2 PC version might no longer be on the cards according to recent information.

A job posting by High Moon Studios, the developers behind the Transformers Cybertron game series, suggests the team is looking for new talent to work on Destiny 2 but unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be for Destiny 2 PC version and is instead just for Xbox One and PS4.

Since the job listing doesn’t mention the PC version anywhere, it is can be a cause for concern especially for people who were hoping they would finally be able to play Destiny 2 PC version since the original game skipped the platform.

However, it is also possible that the PC version of the popular sci-fi FPS MMO might be simply a port being handled by some other small studio, which doesn’t really alleviate concerns however.

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It is also possible that similar to Grand Theft Auto V or some other games, the Destiny 2 PC version might be scheduled for a delayed release, probably a year later. That would explain why there are no job postings for it yet as work on it might not have started.

The final stretch of content for Destiny is scheduled to begin later this month. The Age of Triumph event will allow players to play old raids from the game with their new and increased Light Level. These raids will be balanced for more challenge for high level players.

All the upgraded raids will require a minimum Light Level for 390 before players can jump in to defeat old bosses like Crota once again.

Of course these are all rumors until there is an actual confirmation from Bungie and Activision, whether the PC version is even happening or not. More information regarding the possibility of a Destiny 2 PC version will probably be revealed around E3 2017.

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