Destiny 2 PC Requirements Are Reasonable

Destiny 2 PC requirements are going to be very reasonable, according to developer Bungie. Speaking about the game in an interview, Bungie mentioned that the PC requirement won’t be extraordinary and will prove to be reasonable for the players.

When asked if we will have to buy expensive and powerful hardware to play Destiny 2, Bungie stated: “[N]o, you absolutely won’t have to buy the latest and greatest hardware to be able to play the game and have a fun, quality experience.”

Also, the PC version is not being developed by Bungie. According to Activision, Vicarious Visions is behind Destiny 2 and will solely work on the PC port. Handing the PC version over to a different studio has raised some concerns but Bungie assured that PC will not be neglected.

One of the key factors we looked at when coming to PC is that we don’t want anybody looking at the game as a console port. We wanted to make sure that it feels like a PC game, it plays like a PC game.

So we kind of have embarked on an interesting situation. We’re not outsourcing it. Instead, we’ve developed this true partnership with Vicarious Visions in Albany, New York. We look at them as an extended part of the dev team.

Moreover, although Destiny 2 is coming to PC but it won’t release simultaneously with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. According to Bungie, players on PC will have to wait till early in 2018. However, the good news is that at least the PC version will have an uncapped frame rate. Moreover, the PC version is not coming to Steam. During the event, it was confirmed that the PC version will be exclusive to Blizzard App aka Battle.Net.

Destiny 2 is releasing on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 8.

Source: PC Gamer

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