Destiny 2 PC Glitch Allows Players To Hide On The Radar And Move Faster

A Destiny 2 PC glitch that allows players to hide from the radar and move faster by repeatedly crouching is apparently being used in the Crucible on the game's PC version.

A Destiny 2 PC glitch is apparently making the rounds in the game’s PVP community, allowing players to hide from the radar and move faster than normal by use of a glitch that allows them to crouch repeatedly, faster than what would ordinarily be possible for a player using a PC.

The glitch adds yet another trouble to Destiny 2’s troubled existence, as the game has had it rough almost since it launched. With its focus on microtransactions taking away from cosmetics and loot (players were given cosmetics-focused Bright Engrams on leveling up rather than regular engrams) and a lackluster first DLC in the form of Curse of Osiris. This has caused the game’s playerbase to drop to record lows.

Since then Bungie has been trying to make strides to improve the game, such as pushing Eververse further into the background and helping with PVP, Nightfall, and raid mechanics. Now they have to get back to fixing glitches, though thankfully this appears to be exclusively a PC issue.

The Destiny 2 PC glitch allows players to make use of crouching repeatedly, far faster than they should, to both move faster and remain undetectable on the radar. With the radar being essential for the Crucible, this is a pretty big glitch Bungie has to fix, though hopefully it won’t interfere with Trials of the Nine.

Either way, hopefully Bungie can get this Destiny 2 PC glitch fixed in a hurry and then get back to improving the game, especially considering that the Gods of Mars expansion, which will apparently take players back to Mars to once again deal with Rasputin and come into contact with legendary Hunter Ana Bray.

Gods of Mars is supposed to be releasing in May alongside the game’s third season of multiplayer, so hopefully Bungie will have this PC glitch fixed by then. In the meantime, PC players will either have to ignore Crucible, or be extra alert.

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