How to Get Osmiomancy Exotic Gauntlets in Destiny 2 Witch Queen

Witch Queen is Destiny 2’s latest expansion, bringing new missions and items to the game. One of the new items introduced is the Osmiomancy Exotic Gauntlets. This guide will explain how to get Osmiomancy Exotic Gauntlets in Destiny 2 Witch Queen.

How to Get Osmiomancy Exotic Gauntlets in Destiny 2 The Witch Queen

There are a couple of different ways to obtain the Osmiomancy Exotic Gauntlets in D2: The Witch Queen. Before we talk about the different ways to get your hands on the Osmiomancy exotics in D2 Witch Queen, let’s look at the details of the gauntlets.

These gauntlets are specifically aimed for Warlock builds and will elevate the Stasis Coldsnap grenade’s power.

The Osmiomancy Exotic Gauntlets provide major buffs for the Coldsnap grenade through its ‘Fervid Coldsnap’ ability. In addition, the Osmiomancy Exotic Gauntlets provide an extra Coldsnap grenade charge.

The grenade regen speed also gets increased from Osmiomancy Exotic Gauntlets when an enemy is hit with a Coldsnap grenade. The seeker which spawns from the coldsnap grenade will also travel more distance.

Complete the D2 The Witch Queen Campaign on Legendary

If you complete the whole Destiny 2 Witch Queen campaign on Legendary Difficulty, you will receive either the Osmiomancy Exotic Gauntlets or the Secant Filaments exotic leg armor.

Completing the campaign on Legendary difficulty will be a hard task, and there will be a 50% chance of receiving the exotic gauntlets as your reward.

Complete Lost Sector solo on Master or Legend Difficulty

The better method of obtaining the Osmiomancy Exotic Gauntlets is by completing Lost Sector as a solo player on Master or Legend difficulty level.

Make sure to check if the Gauntlets are being dropped from the Lost Sectors, as the exotic daily drop is rotated daily for the Lost Sectors.

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