Destiny 2 Saw 20 Million New Players After Bungie-Activision Split-Up

The past couple of years have ascertained that Destiny 2 as well as the future of the Destiny franchise is safe with Bungie.

During a livestream earlier today for the new and upcoming Witch Queen expansion, Bungie revealed that more than 20 million new players have joined Destiny 2 since it parted ways with Activision back in early 2019.

Following reports of a strained relationship between both developer and publisher around the time of the Forsaken expansion, Bungie decided to go independent with full ownership of the Destiny intellectual property and has since then been self-publishing Destiny 2.

Activision at the time was not pleased with the reception of Forsaken, which was in contrast to what Bungie believed. There were also creative differences being reported. Fans were actually pleased to know that Bungie was going solo and the way Destiny 2 has managed to sustain an impressive (and active) player-count since then is testament of how much the developer believes in the franchise.

It however should be noted that Destiny 2 was released on Steam in late 2019 following the Bungie-Activision split-up. The release coincided with Shadowkeep and the free-to-play version of New Light which drew in a lot of new players. Steam continues to rack up an average monthly concurrent player-count of 100,000 which even blew up to nearly touch 250,000 players at peak.

Destiny 2 will receive The Witch Queen expansion on February 22, 2022. Expect more reveals in the coming months to highlight all of the new content. Take note that the Witch Queen has been hailed to be the biggest expansion for the game to date and there is still another Lightfall expansion slated for 2023.

Last week, Bungie was reported to be potentially drawing up plans for a new Destiny game. While that could be a Destiny 3 sequel, the job listings appear to be for a spin-off or perhaps a mobile companion app of sorts.

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