Destiny 2 Moon Heroic Public Event Guide

The Shadowkeep expansion of Destiny 2 features a number of thrilling public events one of which is the Moon Heroic Public Event. Our Destiny 2 Moon Heroic Public Event Guide will walk you through all steps of completing the Moon Heroic Public Event.

Destiny 2 Moon Heroic Public Event

In order to start the Moon Heroic Event, you need to locate and investigate the WARSAT to activate it. This will let you enter the Moon Heroic Event. The Warsat is a large sphere with spikes on its surface.

When you get to it, you have to activate it and defend it for a prescribed amount of time. When activated an illuminated circular line will appear in its premise.

You have to stay within that marked area and allow it to transmatt. The progress will be shown on the screen. If you step out of the circle, the transmatting will stop. And when you get back inside, it will resume.

Once you’ve started the event, enemies will start appearing, trying to kill you and take the Warsat. They will come in waves with regular enemies followed by strong adversaries after each wave.

After the first wave, two casting Wizards will appear out of the floating ship. Along with them will be a Shrieker. Defeat them to move on to the next wave.

Once they are done another set of two casting Wizards with a Shrieker will appear. Defeat them to move on to the Hive Knights. These are stronger adversaries with yellow health bars.

The Hive Knights are the last step before the Boss battle. Once these are killed the boss will appear.

Moon Heroic Public Event Boss
After having defeated all the aforementioned enemies, you’ll have to go through the final boss battle to end the Moon public event. The boss is an Infernal Ogre.

The Ogre is a very tough enemy and it needs a lot of firepower to take it down. But once it has been killed, the Moon Heroic Public Event is completed and you will be awarded a ton of XP, which goes towards leveling your artifact.

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