Destiny 2 Microtransactions Can Give You An Edge In Gameplay

As befits a game that’s supposed to pump out content continuously for the next few years, and involves multiplayer shooting, it’s no surprise that there are Destiny 2 microtransactions, similar to how the original game also got microtransactions in Year 2. However, this time microtransactions may give you an edge in gameplay.

In the first Destiny game, microtransactions were part of the Eververse Trading Company, and allowed you to buy the in-game currency, Silver, with real money. Silver could then be used to get you new emotes, tool kits to customize your Sparrow (including the ability to make a custom horn), and the ability to get Sterling Treasure, a treasure box that could include a number of goodies like Chroma, pieces of Spektar armor, and other legendary items.

However, the Destiny 2 microtransactions will be different. Once again, you can buy things from the Eververse Trading Company through Silver, but this time Bright Engrams will be the objects you can buy, though we don’t know if emotes and Sparrow customization are still a part of it.

Bright Engrams can contain a number of different items. These include things like armor cooldown mods to allow you to use one ability from a subclass faster than you normally would. Other mods include things that will enhance a stat on your character or weapons, and there will also be a mod that can change the element you have on a weapon.

These various microtransactions will definitely be affecting the gameplay in some ways; enemy shields will be worn down faster if you hit them with the same element, and more stability and more ability cooldowns will be of big help in both Player-vs-Environment and Player-vs-Player combat.

If you want to take a look at the available Destiny 2 microtransactions for yourself, Destiny 2 is already starting to roll out in various regions across the world. All you have to do is wait a few hours and you’ll be able to see one.


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