Destiny 2 Masterwork Weapons Guide – Understanding Masterwork Weapons, How to Get

Destiny 2 Masterwork Weapons Guide to help you learn everything you need to know about acquiring Masterwork Weapons of Curse of Osiris.

Masterwork Weapons are finally here in Destiny 2. After the Curse of Osiris update, you can start working your way towards the weapons. These weapons are one of the ways through which your guardian transcends to legends status.

This Destiny 2 Masterwork Weapons Guide will tell you how to acquire these weapons. They are really, really difficult to get, but this guide will help increase the odds of you getting one.

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How to Get Masterwork Weapons in Destiny 2 – Destiny 2 Masterwork Weapons

Masterwork weapons are a bit different from the Legendary ones. The main difference is that they have some extra stats which are attached to the other stats. You will be able to see how many enemies you have killed with a Masterwork weapon among other things.

There are two ways to get the Masterwork weapons, either to get the Legendary Engrams or to craft them yourself using the Masterwork Cores. Let’s take a look at how to do both of them.

Finding Masterwork Weapons in Destiny 2

The Masterwork Cores give you the option to roll for some perks. This can alter the stat of your weapons. However, finding them is impossible, and the only way to get them is to disassemble a Masterworks weapon. You will get around 1 to 3 Masterwork cores for each weapon that you disassemble.

Masterwork Cores can be used to craft Masterwork Weapons, or rather convert them. You can use a Masterwork core to convert one of your Legendary Weapons into a Masterwork one. To do this, you will need 10 Masterwork Cores along with 25 Legendary Shards.

As always, you can go the Legendary Engram way as well. You will need a bit of luck and probably a lot of grinding to get the Masterwork Weapons this way.

The Masterwork Weapons will drop from the normal Legendary Engrams, so try and stock them in your inventory so that you have an increased chance of getting a Masterwork Weapon when you use the Cryptarch.

Of course, there are other ways to get the weapons as well such as taking a turn in Vendor Tokens, open chats in public and planetary events, complete milestones, complete Trials of the Nine or complete segments of the Leviathan Raid.

In our opinion, the best way to go about collecting the engrams is Trials of the Nine and the Leviathan Raid. This is because these two things give you the best drop rates for the Legendary Engrams to drop as a Masterwork Weapon. So it is your best bet to try and work these events as much as possible.

That is all we have in our Destiny 2 Masterwork Weapons Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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