Destiny 2 Forsaken Annual Pass Will Have New Spaces On Existing Planets

The Destiny 2 Forsaken expansion would certainly not be looking in to add new planets in the online-only multiplayer shooter game.

The latest Destiny 2 Forsaken content update scheduled for today is about to go live. In the earlier week gone by, developers have already been showing us the bits from the Annual Pass. The approaching DLC is claimed to have fresh spaces in the already established maps in Destiny 2 Forsaken. The previous updates for the multiplayer shooter game were reported to have included Heavy Machine Guns.

Although various fresh locations for Destiny 2 Forsaken were being hinted at, a recent discussion of Steve Cotton with Polygon closed the whole debate about the location additions. Steve Cotton, is the Game Director from Bungie for Destiny 2 Forsaken revealed that developers do not intend to introduce new planets altogether in Destiny 2 Forsaken. Steve commented on this issue to clear the anticipation of users:

“We’re going to have new places to check out. Sorry, I should be specific. What we call ‘bubbles’ or new spaces; I’m not saying new planets.”

Therefore, when the Hotfix goes live on 4 September and Destiny 2 Forsaken comes online right after maintenance conclude their work, do not expect new planets to float around and be waiting for you. However, new locations will be found but on the planets that already exist in the game.

Previously, the content updates for Destiny 1 brought totally new areas to the users by introducing The Taken King and Rise of Iron. Destiny 2 updates till now have only given us average fresh areas till now. To further explore a new direction into the game “the dreaming city” trailer was also launched.

Just recently, Destiny 2 Forsaken was also given interesting new titles in the game which seem to have been inspired by another popular franchise, World of Warcraft. While these titles were announced by Bungie, Steve Cotton also described how these titles could change behaviors of players.

The ViDOC from Bungie was titled “Forsaken Launch and Beyond” which was meant to inform the players about the details of the expansion. In addition to that, the video was also directed to prepare the users for guiding them about what steps must be taken after they are done with the launch.

All in all, Destiny 2 Forsaken is going to be a story largely about revenge where players must track down and kill. Hence it does not promise us an exploration of far-off planets anyhow. The Forsaken expansion is not backed to have prestige nightfalls and heroic strikes too. Forsaken is still believed to redeem the game with the impressive additions.

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