Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris The Gateway Walkthrough

Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris The Gateway Walkthrough Guide to help you learn all about completing The Gateway story mission in Destiny 2 expansion.

The new Curse of Osiris expansion has a brand new campaign for you to play, and a brand new set of walkthroughs for us to write so that we can guide you through all of the tricky parts. This Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris The Gateway Walkthrough Guide will tell you all about The Gateway mission of the game so you can easily pass through it onto the next mission.

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Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris The Gateway

Selecting Mercury triggers a seven-minute cutscene. Once that’s over, you will spawn on the right side of planet Mercury when the mission starts. The Power required for Mercury is +200 therefore you must be prepared before starting the mission.

In this mission, you’ll be assigned with finding a gateway into the Infinite Forest which is situated close to the Lighthouse. Make sure to keep an eye on the Vex as the area leading you towards the Lighthouse is filled with them.

Make a left from the spawn and head into the portal. Here you will face off some Vex enemies that you have to beat. Kill any of the Vex stupid enough to stand in your path and make your way slowly to the man cannons.

Here you will use the man cannons to wreak further havoc and eventually come to the Lighthouse for a new task given to you by Brother Vance. Simply interact with him and he’ll appoint you a task which quite unsurprisingly, will have you kill more Vex.

Clear the area of Agoros, the Gatekeeper and the remaining Vex, then reach the Infinite Forest. Keep in mind that the Infinite Forest isn’t accessible yet for which Ghost mentions Sagria and says how she would’ve helped you.

Here you will be tasked by Brother Vance to go back to the Lighthouse and get Sagria. A minotaur awaits your return to the Lighthouse so be ready for a tough battle.

After you kill the Minotaur, move inside and find the Sagria. You will realize that you need to take the Sagria to a specific temple to revive it. Therefore, destroy the floating Vex which opens a portal to Brother Vance. Ask him where Sagria can be revived. At this point, the mission will conclude.

Once the mission is completed, you’ll be rewarded with the Legendary Engram, 500 Personal Clan XP and complete access to the Lighthouse landing zone within the Fields of Glass patrol zone on Mercury.

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