Destiny 2 Charged With Light Mods Guide

Learn all about the new armor Charged with Light mods coming to Destiny 2 that have the ability to, literally, charge up your Guardian.

We are getting some exciting new updates for the Dawn Armor set in the Destiny 2 in the coming week. This new upgrade shows you a new fourth slot on the new Season of Dawn Armor. This fourth slot is for the new Charged with Light mods and we have all the information you need about them in this Destiny 2 Charged with Light mods guide.

During the Season of the Undying you will see this fourth mod slot on a number of armors and you can equip some very powerful buffs with this extra slot like Garden of Salvation, Nightmare Banisher, Dreambane mods.

Destiny 2 Charged With Light Mods

You can equip these Charged with Light mods on the newly unlocked slot of your new Season of Dawn armor.

What these mods will do is they will let you build and consume charges of light and this will activate very powerful buffs as provided by these armor mods.

Keep in mind though that this mod slot will replace the Undying mod slot and you might worry that you need to grind out mods again and this replacement will also mean that the older armor set will not be able to use this new system.

As we get more information about this we will most certainly debrief and update this guide, till then we have all the mods down below that we know of.

Before Charged with Light
These mods will give you the ability to become charged with Light and will activate buffs for you while charged with Light, they will appear green in your collection.

  • Shield Break Charge: Get you become charged with Light when you break enemy shield with the matching energy type.
  • Precisely Charged: Will let you become charged with Light when you get multiple rapid precision final blows with sniper rifles or linear fusion rifles. -10 Discipline
  • Empowered Finish: Will get you become charged with Light when you finish a combatant by consuming only one-tenth of your super energy.

After Charged with Light
These are the mods that will provide you with special buffs while you are charged with light.

If you activate them they will either consume your all charges of light or will slowly get them away. They will show in orange color in your collection.

  • Protective Light: When charged with light, you will get quite significant resistance to damage against combatants even when your shield is broken but keep in mind that this effect will consume all of charged with Light.
  • High-Energy Fire: When charged with light, you will get a bonus on weapon damage and every defeating enemy will consume one stack of charged with light.