Destiny 2 Bird of Prey Exotic Quest Walkthrough

In this Destiny 2 Bird of Prey Exotic Quest guide, we will help you complete the quest and get your...

In this Destiny 2 Bird of Prey Exotic Quest guide, we will help you complete the quest and get your hands on those Hawkmoon variants and it’s catalyst.

Destiny 2 Bird of Prey Exotic Quest

Bungie has added a new exotic quest in Destiny 2 that rewards you with a catalyst as well as random perk and stats versions for the exotic weapon Hawkmoon upon completion. This quest is called Bird of Prey.

You need to have above or equal to 1270 power level to take part in this quest. It is recommended to play in a full party of friends.

Take the quest from The Crow that can be found at the Tangled Shore inside Spider’s Safehouse. Claim the quest from him and start your journey.

Harbinger Activity

Spawn in Trostland after claiming the quest and head straight forward. There is an old building that you can enter through the second floor.

Jump to the second floor and shoot the fireplace wall. Enter through the hole and interact with the terminal to start the activity.

When you load in, go back into the hole and follow the path. When you jump down the ramp, turn right and go through the hallway. Open the door to get to The Reservor.

Once you reach outside, you need to enter the next section using the pipelines. You will see an enemy on a cliff outside.

Kill the enemy and jump to that cliff. From that cliff, aim for the horizontal tree below. Now jump on the lower ledge of the dam and walk along with it.

When in the middle of the dam, look up to the metal hatch. Run up the ledge and head inside the walkway under the metal hatch.

Defeat the Emissaries
Once inside, go through the pipe and jump up when you reach an open room area. Go right from there to the next section where the first Emissary will spawn.

There are a total of three Emissaries that you need to defeat. The Emissaries deal a lot of damage and are hard to defeat. Make sure you are with your friends and have equipped heavy armor and powerful weapons.

The first Emissary will spawn in the generator room. Shoot it until its health is halved.

It will disappear and spawn in the room above. Jump to the platform above. Go through the area and the Emissary will spawn again. Defeat it and go back to the platform that jumped on.

From the platform, jump onto the next one and follow the path.

There will be a Taken Vandal Sniper guarding the area. Take him out and jump on the platform where the sniper was standing. More Taken enemies will spawn along with the second Emissary.

When it teleports, jump on the platform behind you and destroy the blip on your right.

This will take you to the area where it will teleport to. Once it is defeated, grab the glowing Feathers that are inside that room.

Now, go back to the generator room and follow the corridor downwards.

More Taken enemies will spawn along with the last Emissary. Once it vanishes, go back to where you faced the first Emissary in the generator room and jump on the platform above.

There is a barrier on your left that you can destroy and go to the next section.

Defeat the enemies and jump onto the platform above. Go on the platform across and you will find the Emissary there. Defeat him and go back to the Generator Room.

Follow the Hawk
Once all three of the Emissaries are defeated, follow the golden hawk to the next area where you will face the last boss. Defeat the Taken enemy guarding the barrier and go inside.

You will now have to survive a wave of Taken enemies. This part is quite hard for players that are playing solo. Stick to the elevated platforms and use pillars as a cover.

The Boss Fight
Once you have survived the waves of Taken enemies, follow the Hawk to the next and final area of the quest.

Here, you will face Akorith, the Lightdrinker of Savathun. You will need ranged weapons that deal high damage for this fight. Keep your distance from the boss and hide behind covers.

Once you have taken one-third of its health away, the boss will flee the area and spawn Taken enemies. Survive the wave of Taken enemies to progress further. Once they are defeated, Akorith will spawn again.

This time, you will have to defeat the boss completely to finish the quest.

Kill the boss and collect the chest that will contain the Hawkmoon catalyst, Variants of Hawkmoon and unlock The Harbringer triumph

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