Destiny 2 Beyond Light Darkness’s Doorstep Walkthrough

In this Destiny 2 Beyond Light Darkness’s Doorstep Walkthrough, we will take you through the first mission of D2’s new DLC, Beyond Light.

In this Destiny 2 Beyond Light Darkness’s Doorstep Walkthrough, we will take you through the first mission of Destiny 2’s brand new DLC, Beyond Light.

With the release of the Beyond Light DLC, Destiny 2 has finally stepped into its 4th year. This time it brings with it a new destination called Europa, a new hostile threat, Darkness, and a lot of exotics to farm.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Darkness’s Doorstep

The first mission of Beyond Light DLC is free for everyone, while the rest of the missions require you to buy the DLC first.

We will be covering the first mission today that is Darkness’s Doorstep.

This mission takes place in Europa, the new destination of Destiny 2, and isn’t difficult at all.

Starting the Quest
After downloading the Beyond Light DLC update, when you first boot the game, you will be shown a rather long cutscene, and as that cutscene ends, the quest will automatically begin. It’s that simple.

Finding Varik
Your first objective tasks you with finding Varik.

As soon as you take control of your character, start making your way through the Icey Canyons on either foot or your trusty sparrow.

Soon, you will see a bunch of Fallen patrol ships appear in the sky.

These fallen ships are going to drop enemies on the campsite you are heading for. Deal with them swiftly and then head inside the camp to scan the computer.

Tracking the Signal
Head outside and start following the objective marker again. As you pass through a frozen lake, more fallen enemies will drop in front of you.

Defeat them and head inside the cavern.

Once you reach the other end of the cavern, you will be presented with another cutscene.

Saving Varik
After the cutscene ends, you need to fight your way to Varik’s signal location.

You will find Varik trapped in ice. Simply melee or shoot the ice to free him.

Now all you have to do is deal with the enemy reinforcements, and then the Darkness’s Doorstep mission of Destiny 2 Beyond Light will be completed.

Proceed to the next mission, The New Kell, of the Beyond Light campaign.

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