How to Get Ascendant Alloy in Destiny 2: The Witch Queen

The following guide about getting Ascendant Alloy in Destiny 2 The Witch Queen will help prepare you for the fight against Savathun.

The most enthralling villain of Destiny 2 has finally shown up. The players will have to face Savathun, a task that will require them to obtain the necessary weapons and upgrades. Crafting will play a big role here, and which makes the following guide about getting Ascendant Alloy in Destiny 2 The Witch Queen all the more important.

How to Get Ascendant Alloy in Destiny 2 The Witch Queen

The following are currently the only ways through which to obtain Ascendant Alloy:

  • Reach Rank 16 by going to the Gunsmith.
  • Purchase only one a week after reaching Rahool.
  • Complete your first weapon crafting quest.
  • A potential reward for completing weekly campaign missions (Hero, Legend, or Master difficulty).
  • A potential reward for completing The Wellspring (Master difficulty).

Reach Rank 16 by Going to Gunsmith
Players need to reach Rank 16 by going to the Gunsmith. To do so, you need to complete regular Banshee-44 bounties. You can complete the bounties through kills specifically by making use of weapons, subclass, and ability, and gear that is about to break.

Purchase One Tool from Master Rahool
Players can buy one Ascendant Alloy a week from Rahool but with a single account. You will need 400 Legendary Shards to buy this material. More than one cannot be bought, as your account gets locked even though the character remains unlocked. So, this material is linked to your account directly.

Complete Missions to Get it as Reward
The campaign will be repetitive. Hence, players can hope to obtain more Ascendant Alloy by completing the missions included in the main missions that are available every Tuesday.

Moreover, the quests that occur in each season in the Throne World can be completed to get this material as a reward as well.

Weekly missions can be unlocked once Fynch accesses Rank 13. One needs to complete bounties daily, look for collectibles at Throne World, and performing all the activities.

Also, taking part in The Witch Queen offensives, especially the Wellspring activity, helps you to earn this material. You need to reach Master difficulty level to earn this reward by reaching Rank 18. Remember that this is not a guaranteed drop but potentially you can get Ascendant Alloy as a reward.

What is Ascendant Alloy Used for in D2 The Witch Queen

Players can take Ascendant Alloy to their enclave and then to the relic inside. You can use the alloy as a helping material for crafting weapons which will prove mighty useful towards the later portions of the game.

Players can also use it for planetary mats through Legendary Shards or Glimmers. Usage of other materials like Glimmers, Enhancement Prims, Ascendant Shards, and Enhancement Cores can also be made.

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