Demon’s Souls Remake Storm King Boss Guide

Our Demon’s Souls Remake Storm King Boss Guide dives deep into everything that you should be aware of in order to defeat the Storm King Boss.

Our Demon’s Souls Remake Storm King Boss Guide dives deep into everything that you should be aware of in order to defeat the Storm King Boss.

Demon’s Souls Remake Storm King Boss

Storm King is a gigantic, flying beast whose offense centers around attacking the player with lethal spears and projectiles.

The Storm King comes alongside some Storm Beasts, which are, needless to say, are weaker than the boss.

So, your priority should be to take them out and then move to Storm King.

However, fret not, because below, we’ll tell you exactly how you can do that. So, let’s get started!

Close-Range Strategy
If you’re someone who’s interested in a melee fight, you first need to get to the side where you see a lot of Storm Beasts flying.

As soon as the Storm Beasts detect you, they will start attacking you.

Run and roll until you’ve reached the end of the monolith forest. Here, you’ll find the Stormruler, a sword that’ll be your key to coming out on top of this fight.

Grab the Stormruler, get to a safe zone and then, equip it. Now, get close to the Storm Beasts, prompting them to attack you.

Now that you’re in their immediate vicinity, you’ll be able to hit them with your sword as well.

Making sure that you have the Thief’s Ring equipped, aim towards the Storm Beasts, and struck them with your sword.

(Note: If you wield the sword with two hands, you’ll deal more damage.)

When they’re only about four Storm Beasts left, the Storm King will come nearer to perform a deadly swoop from one side to the other.

Take cover as soon as you see it coming.

Once the end of the flying stinger, expose yourself and attack it repeatedly with your sword.

You’ll easily be able to hit it at least a couple of times.

After getting hit, the boss will recede for some time. Whenever it comes back, repeat the same pattern, and you’ll be able to knock it down.

Meanwhile, look if there are any stray Storm Beasts left and eliminate as they can be a real nuisance!

Long-Range Strategy
To defeat the Storm King Boss from a fair distance, your best bet is to get to the house, located deeper in that area, and use either Lava Bow or Stormruler to attack the Storm Beasts and the Storm King.

The house will provide you the cover you need, and if your aim is decent, the Storm King will be dead in 3 to 4 rounds.

Alternatively, you can use the tallest pillar in the middle of the island as the spot to cover yourself and launch an offensive.

Due to this pillar being much closer to the flight path of the boss than the house, you can deal more damage to it in a single turn.

Furthermore, the pillar will also block off the Storm Kings’s Projectiles!

Using Magic against Storm King
There’s another way that you can go about this battle, and that is the use of magic.

What you need to do is use the Soul Ray Spell along with the combo of the Cleaver Rat Ring and Morion Blade.

However, this plan will only work when the Storm Beasts and the Storm King are flying overhead and is pretty dangerous since it offers you no cover whatsoever.

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