Demon’s Souls Remake Status Effects Guide

This guide will cover all of the Demon's Souls Remake Status Effect with their conditions and ways to cure them to aid you in combat.

Status Effects is a game mechanic in Demon’s Souls Remake that applies certain conditions to players and enemies. This guide will cover all of the Demon’s Souls Remake Status Effect with their conditions and ways to cure them.

Demon’s Souls Remake Status Effects

Every status effect has its own conditions. Some may prove beneficial for you and some will harm you.

The icons for each of the effects are shown under the Stamina bar for players. However, the enemies will be covered by a special aura that will indicate the effect being used on them.

Below is a brief description of every Status Effects available in the Remake:

When hit by certain enemies, you will start taking a small amount of damage for a short period.

Your player will start emitting a heartbeat sound and keep taking damage until you use Cure or Soldier’s Lotus.


Causes more damage than Bleeding for a certain period. Healing items will not be much effective against the Poison effect.

When affected by the Poison, your screen will be covered in purple fog and the effect will last until you use Royal Lotus, Antidote, or Cure.

Plague is much more dangerous and rare than Poison and Bleed. When afflicted by the plague, you will begin to lose HP rapidly and your screen will get covered by black fog.

The plague reduces healing effectiveness and stamina regeneration. Your only way to counter the plague is by using Darkmoon Grass, Widow’s Lotus, and Cure.

HP, MP, and Stamina Regeneration
It indicates that your health, stamina, or mana is being regenerated when using a Miracle Regeneration such as Regenerator’s Ring, Fragrant Ring, Phosphorescent Pole etc.

Increased Attack/Defense
When your health is below 30%, you will achieve 50% increased damage and defense. For this to work, you will have to equip Clever Rat’s Ring and Dull Rat’s Ring.

Nullified Falling Damage
When equipped with Cat’s Ring, you will no longer receive fall damage for a shorter fall. However, falling from a long distance will still be fatal.

Second Chance
When you die from an enemy, you will be given a second chance to spawn with 50% health while the spell effect is active.

Does not work when any of the following spells are active:

  • Cloak
  • Hidden Soul
  • Protection
  • Regeneration
  • Soul Thirst
  • Warding
  • Water Veil
  • Anti Magic Field

Increased Stealth
You can cast Cloak or Hidden Soul to reduce the detection distance of enemies. Equipping the Graverobber’s Ring or Thief’s Ring also increases your chances of not getting detected by the enemies.

Increased Souls Gained
When using Magic Spell or Soul Thirst, you will find an increased amount of Souls. Ring of Avarice and Silver Bracelets can also be equipped for increasing the number of Souls you find.

Increased Enemy Aggro
When the Ring of the Accursed is equipped, you will be the enemy’s top priority target.

Increased Faith, Magic Damage Dealt
Increases the Magic and Faith Attack power when you cast Kris Blade or Monk’s Head Collar. Equipping Ring of Sincere Prayer and Ring of Magical Sharpness also increases Faith and Magic Attack Power.

Increased Physical, Magic, Flame Resistance
Increased resistance against physical, flame, and magic damage taken from the enemies. You will have to cast Protection, Warding, Water Veil, or equip Ring of Flame Resistance or Ring of Magical Dullness to resist it.

Increased Status Ailment Resistance
Increases resistance against Bleeding, Poison, and Plague by 4. Equip Ring of Gash Resistance, Ring of Poison Resistance, and Ring of Disease Resistance to make use of this effect.

Increased Damage While in Phantom Form
20% increase in physical, magic, and flame damage as a phantom when equipped with Friend’s Ring or Foe’s Ring.

Increased Physical Damage
Shows up when using a fully upgraded weapon. The Attack Power is increased by a certain amount, depending on the upgrades.

Broken Equipment
Indicates the broken weapon or armor when it is equipped.

Anti Magic Field Active
Shows up in the area where both players and the enemies cannot cast any magic.

Increased Weapon Durability
Equipping the Ronin’s Ring will reduce the weapon attrition by 50%.

Increased Sweet Spot Damage
When in a boss fight, using the Master’s Ring will cause an increase in damage dealt at the sweet spot of the boss by 15%.

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