Demon’s Souls Remake Soul Farming Guide

In this Demon's Souls Remake Soul Farming guide, we'll be showing you a few viable methods that you can use to get EXP in order to level up.

You might find yourself terribly underpowered sometimes in Soulsborne games, and Demon’s Souls Remake is no different. In this Demon’s Souls Remake Soul Farming guide, we’ll be showing you a few viable methods that you can use to beef up your character prior to a demanding fight.

Demon’s Souls Remake Soul Farming

Souls (Demon’s Souls version of EXP) are important, and if you end up losing too many of them during a boss fight or simply while clearing the area, you might find yourself underpowered for the next challenge in Demon’s Souls.

To balance out the odds between you and your enemies, it’s recommended to farm a few souls before you head out.

You can utilize various methods to get a few souls up and running for your character, a few of which we have stated in this guide.

Manta Soul Farming (Stormruler)

This is generally a good method to net yourself a few million souls if you’re still around level 70 or so. Note that the higher your level, the less worthwhile this activity will be.

Your first step to gaining a million souls is to grab yourself a Ring of Avarice, Ronin’s Ring and a Stormruler Sword after beating the Storm King.

Once you have all the above-mentioned items, make your way to the Storm King Archstone and head to the rundown old house.

Take out all of the manta enemies in sight using the Stormruler, and you’ll generate 18,000 souls in less than a minute. You will respawn at the Old Hero’s Archstone if you happen to die.

If you don’t have the Ronin’s Ring, you’ll find that the Stormruler breaks quite easily. With it, however, you’ll have to get it repaired every 200,000 souls or so.

Duping with Thomas

If you don’t feel like walking the long mile in order to get the Platinum for Demon’s Souls Remake; you can go ahead and try duping some useful resources.

Duping a few certain items will allow you to increase your soul level very easily.

Grab the items you want to dupe from Thomas, and see that Thomas has none of that specific item in his inventory.

Get your Evacuate spell or a shard of Archstone ready to use. Talk to Boldwin, and select an item to buy. Select how many of that specific item you want and walk away.

Boldwin will stop you and say, “What’s the hurry? Where you off to? Haven’t you any manners?”

Spam the hotkey of your Archstone or Evacuate during Boldwin’s dialogue. When you get the prompt to return to Nexus, press start to remove the screen without selecting either yes or no.

Deposit the specific item to Thomas that you want duped. Exit out of the screen ASAP so you don’t go back to the Nexus.

You will now see a 100 of the items you just deposited in his inventory. Claim your copies from Thomas and enjoy your reward.

Farming EXP at Old Hero Archstone

For this method, you need to have 10 Magic, 70 Intelligence, Thief’s Ring and the Ring of Avarice.

Other than that, if you have any items that will boost your MP such as the Silver Catalyst and Silver Coronet; they’ll definitely help.

Make sure you have Soul Thirst and Soulsucker (NG+) before you try to attempt this method.

Warp yourself to the Old Hero Archstone then go back past the slug pits.

Head through the tunnel and take care of the reaper at the top of the stairs using your bow or any other ranged means.

Switch to your catalyst and cast soul thirst onto the Black Phantom Black Skeleton and continue to sneak up behind it to use soulsucker.

Walk past the ledge and use soulsucker on the Black Phantom Gold Skeleton without alerting it.

Head back from the ledge and sneak up behind the second Gold Skeleton to use soulsucker on him.

Repeat this process for a decent number of souls per run.

Farming Souls at Adjudicator Archstone

For this method, it’s recommended that you have yourself a decent bow in order to kill a Reaper with, at most 2 shots.

A Viscous Compound Long Bow +5 or Lava Bow should do perfectly fine. Ring of Avarice and Silver Bracelets are good items to have for soul gain.

Talisman and Evacuate are also important for this method.

Get your bow equipped in your right hand, and your talisman on the left. Warp to the Adjudicator Archstone and go straight ahead down the stairs.

Stop at the edge and go into aiming mode. Ready your arrow and fire once you see the manta.

Now head down the passage by the Graverobber Blige on your right and head through the doorway to find yourself by another edge. Get into precision aiming mode again and shoot the reaper below you.

Collect all the drops and return back to Nexus using Evacuate. Repeat the process to master the run and earn a large number of souls per run.

Farming at Penetrator Archstone

This one’s fairly simple, and all you’ll need to farm is a Ring of Avarice and a Silver Bracelet if you’re a female.

If you’re between level 30-60, this is a pretty good method to push you up the food chain.

Go backwards from the Penetrator Archstone and fight off the 3 red-eyed knights one at a time.

Try using a bow to get their attention and pick them off one by one. You’ll get a total of 2000 souls per knight, which is pretty decent.

Warp to the Nexus once done, and come back to farm some more souls!

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