Demon’s Souls Remake Shrine of Storms Walkthrough

This Demon’s Souls Remake Shrine of Storms walkthrough will go over the Shrine of Storms area. This is a location...

This Demon’s Souls Remake Shrine of Storms walkthrough will go over the Shrine of Storms area. This is a location completely shrouded in fog and clouds. It is where you will find the island shrine of the Shadowmen. We will go over everything you will encounter here.

Demon’s Souls Remake Shrine of Storms

Immediately after arriving at the Shrine of Storms, you will have to battle a Silver Skeleton ahead. Take it down and then proceed forward past the archway. There is a corpse there that you can loot for x5 Half Moon Grass.

White World: Satsuki will show up and demand you hand over the Magic Sword named Makoto. Whether or not to choose to give it to him, he will attack you. You can kill him to keep the sword, but this will shift the World Tendency by -3.

Black World: If you have pure Black World Tendency, then a Black Phantom Satsuki appears here. Kill it to obtain a Hiltless.

You will face another Silver Skeleton once you get to the stairs up ahead. Take it down, followed by the two more near it.

One of them has a bow so try not to get hit from a distance while fighting the other. Head upstairs and kill two more Silver Skeletons before going through the fog door.


You will spot a couple more Skeleton archers atop the building, so handle them before looking around.

Loot the corpses nearby for a Renowned Hero’s Soul and x3 Soldier’s Lotus. You can find another corpse by turning back and heading to the right towards a tree. You can loot a Talisman of God from it.

Go to the fog door and turn left towards the corridor. This area is booby-trapped, so move along the wall in order to avoid stepping on the trigger.

Once you’re outside, if you turn left, then you will have to battle the Black Skeleton. There is a Crescent Falchion behind it that you can take.

Heading right will take you to a corpse from which you can loot x6 Soul Remains.

Go back to the last building and make your way upstairs to take out another skeleton.

Go through the corridor to your right and you will get to some broken-down tower walls. Move them to loot the Regenerator’s Ring from a corpse.

There is also a Crystal Lizard and x2 Shard of Cloudstone if you explore the ruins of the building.

Head downstairs and get the Copper Key from the corpse before heading back.

There is a Skeleton archer to the left that you should take down before proceeding down the broken path that takes you to the narrow corridor.

Here you will encounter another couple of Silver Skeletons, so dispose of them before making your way upstairs.

Head left and loot the Compound Long Bow along with 13 Light Arrows before returning to the tower.

Head through the other door and make your way up the slope until you find a corpse.

Loot 1 Augite of Guidance from it before proceeding further up. Here you will encounter Sparkly, the Crow. Loot the corpse there for a Stone of Ephemeral Eyes and kill the Crystal Lizard.

Return to the tower and head down the stairs to the left. You will find a hidden door there that can be found by striking it.

Cross the narrow corridor, and turn right until you come across a crossroad. Fight off the Silver Skeletons and then loot the corpse there for x4 Crescent Moon Grass.

Up ahead, you will find the Grave robber Blige inside a cell that can be unlocked with the Copper Key that you previously obtained. Freeing him will let you use his services as a merchant.

Head left and take a Renowned Hero’s Soul from the corpse there before heading back to the crossroad.

Go down the other route and you will come across another hidden path that can be unlocked by striking it. Just be mindful of the trap trigger on the floor.

Make your way up the debris to get to the fog door.  Loot the corpse to your right to obtain one Uchigatana.

Head left to collect one Unknown Hero’s Soul. There is another corpse downstairs that you can loot for a Shard of Cloudstone.

Vanguard Boss Fight (Optional)

The optional boss fight against the Vanguard is by the area where you were just looting. This is the same enemy that you encountered in the tutorial and although you can skip this fight, it might prove beneficial to go through with it.

This boss will attack you with a side swing attack. The first one is easy enough to dodge, but the second is faster since it has no build up.

While dodging, remember that this swing is followed immediately by another swing in the other direction.

It will also attack by hitting you with the axe from above. Get out of the way and take the opportunity of it being stuck in the ground to land in some hits.

Be careful about attacking from the rear since it will slam the ground by hopping and deal massive AOE damage.

The boss is relatively easy to take down and killing it will allow you to loot three corpses behind it for x1 Kilij, x3 Full Moon Grass and x1 Storied Hero’s Soul. You can collect the Grey Demon’s Soul from it.

Return to the second fog door and head upstairs to battle a couple more Silver Skeletons.

Black World: There will be a Black Skeleton above the corpse that has Adjudicator’s Shield.

Head back to where you took down the two skeletons and turn left twice to loot a corpse for one Unknown Hero’s Soul.

Follow the cliff path and you will encounter a Gold Skeleton. Take care of it before proceeding onwards.

You will encounter 2 more Gold Skeletons while proceeding along the path. Fighting them is risky so lure them to a safer position before taking them out.

Once they’ve been dealt with, proceed through the fog door.

Take the stairs and loot the corpse you find there for x3 Late Moon Grass. Cross the corridor to your left and drop down onto the beam.

You can collect a Graverobber’s Ring up ahead before dropping down again.

There is a gateway beneath the stairs. Go through it while avoiding the booby trap on the floor.

There will be a corpse on your left from which you can loot x3 Half Moon Grass, and a Skeleton to take down.

Adjudicator Boss Battle

Pass through the door behind the Skeleton and you will encounter the Adjudicator boss. This fight cannot be avoided so watch out for his powerful attacks and try to take him down quickly.

You can find a more detailed method of taking him down in our Adjudicator boss fight guide.

After you’ve dealt with this boss, you can loot a corpse behind the stairs for one Storied Soldier’s Soul. Head upstairs and loot another corpse for a Stone of Ephemeral Eyes.

You will reach the Archstone that marks the end of the shrine of storms area for the Demon’s Souls Remake. Touch it and collect 1x Swollen Demon’s Soul.