Demon’s Souls Remake Limits Healing Items For “Balance”

The upcoming Demon’s Souls remake will remain largely the same as the original in terms of gameplay except for a major change to the healing mechanics.

Speaking with Polygon in a recent interview, creative director Gavin Moore revealed that players will now carry a limited amount of healing supplies. The original Demon’s Souls in comparison allowed players to carry as much healing grass as possible. The remake puts an undisclosed limit on that as well as making powerful healing grasses weigh more.

“One change that will affect players’ encumbrance — aka how much stuff their character can carry — is how much healing grass they can hold,” said Moore. “In the original Demon’s Souls, players could carry hundreds of healing grasses with them and suffer no real penalty. In the remake, players will have a more limited supply, and more powerful grasses (like Full Moon Grass) will weigh more than less effective grasses.”

More explained that changing the way players heal was important. It not only helps balance the game but also importantly improves player-versus-player battles where they originally were able to “consume vast amounts of healing items to drag out multiplayer brawls.” It further means that players will need to be extra careful when going up against the bosses of Demon’s Souls. They must either ensure a full backpack of healing items or learn how to evade or parry.

Moore furthermore revealed what the mysterious Fractured Mode actually is. The mode was announced several months back but without any details. Fractured Mode is basically a mirror mode which “reverses the map” to provide greater challenges. While Moore refrained from giving away any further details, Fractured Mode appears to be something completely new for the Demon’s Souls remake.

The Demon’s Souls remake will be releasing alongside the launch of PlayStation 5 on November 12, 2020.

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