Demon’s Souls Remake Dragon God Boss Guide

This guide will focus on the Dragon God Boss Fight for the players who are unfamiliar or new to the Demon's Souls Remake.

The very famous PS3 action role-playing game, Demon’s Souls, is now back for the new Playstation 5 as a remake. You can now play the original game with improved graphics and some new additions on the latest generation of Playstation. This Demon’s Souls Remake Dragon God Boss guide should help both new and returning players with the fight.

Demon’s Souls Remake Dragon God Boss

You will face Dragon God at Flamelurker Archstone 2-3. The fight is a fairly easy one, where you will have to focus more on the timing of dodging its attacks.

Outpowered by the enormous beast, your only chance to defeat it is by using the Dragon Restraining Machine placed on the two sides of the arena.

Your objective is to reach the two machines by destroying the many debris placed in your path.

At the beginning of the fight, you will find yourself in a hallway with the dragon at the end of it. You will have to make your way out of the hallway by using the pillars as cover when it attacks.

You will notice that its eyes turn red as it’s about to attack.


When you see that its eyes are yellow and it’s looking the other way, make your move. Now turn right as you reach the end of the hallway.

You will see that your path is blocked by big rocks and you will have to clear the path without being seen by the dragon. There are three ways to do this:

  • Use a dual-handed melee weapon to destroy the debris with an R1 attack.
  • Cast magic such as Fire Spray, Soul Arrow, or Flame Toss and shoot at the rubbles to destroy them.
  • Lure the boss into clearing the path for you. This method is a bit risky, but you can pull this off with a perfectly timed dodge. Stand near the blockage and wait for it to attack. When its eyes turn red and it’s about to attack, run and hide behind a pillar. This will give you enough time to continue on your way.

Use one of these methods and head to the machine on the elevated platform. Interact with the switch to initiate a cutscene.

The machine will shoot a spear at the dragon, causing him to fall and break the debris blocking the stairs.

After the cutscene, use the stairs leading downward and continue to the next machine.

The dragon won’t be able to keep up with you with a spear in his left arm. Use this as your advantage and reach the next machine.

When near the machine, interact with the switch to shoot the second spear on its right arm. The dragon will now fall to the ground. Go near it and attack its horn.

Don’t get too close or you will get burnt by its hot breath. You can use arrows to lock on its horn and deplete the remaining health that the dragon is left with.

When the Dragon God is defeated, interact with the sword to get the Dragon Demon’s Soul and 4,340 souls.

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