Demon’s Souls Remake Old Hero Archstone Walkthrough

The Old Hero Archstone area in Demon's Souls Remake is quite small; it's basically a boss battle against the Storm...

The Old Hero Archstone area in Demon’s Souls Remake is quite small; it’s basically a boss battle against the Storm King. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the boss battle against the Storm King and detail all the items located in the Old Hero Archstone area of the Demon’s Souls Remake.

Demon’s Souls Remake Old Hero Archstone and Storm King Boss

As soon as you arrive at the Archstone, go and pass through the fog gate. You will enter a boss arena and a cutscene will show the Storm King, a giant Flying Manta ray, approaching. The boss’s health bar will appear after the cutscene.

You need the Storm Ruler sword to take down Storm King. This sword is found in the boss arena itself.

As soon as you gain control of your character, head straight, and ignore all the other items that you can pick up.

Head straight into the cemetery at the end of the arena. The Storm Ruler sword is below a huge tombstone towards the left.

Pick up the sword and now get rid of all the enemies before collecting all the items in the arena.

The boss is not alone and is accompanied by many smaller Flying Mantas. These smaller ones will throw spear like projectiles at you.

These attacks deal serious damage so, avoid them or take cover behind the jutting rocks.

Since you don’t need magic, it is recommended that you use spells to increase your resistance and protection.

After launching their attacks, these smaller Flying Mantas leave enough room for you to strike them before flying away.

Use the Storm Ruler once you take it out of the stone. All you need to do is lock on the manta and launch a charged attack.

The attack is extremely strong and will take them out in a single strike.

Each strike takes away all of your stamina, so make sure you use it when it is safe enough or else you will not be able to dodge any incoming attacks. Although the Storm Ruler has a decent range, it is not infinite and you need to be in range to land an attack.

Once all the smaller Flying Manta are dead, the main boss enters the fight. Storm King is just a bigger version of the smaller mantas but has a much more devastating attack.

You can target different parts of the Storm King and strike them. The boss itself is not difficult, and you can easily overcome the Storm King.

Once Storm King is dead, it is now safe for you to collect all the items across the area before heading back to the nexus.

The first item you need to pick is all the way back near the fog gate from where you entered. Loot the corpse on the left from the gate along the path for New Moon Grass.

In the cemetery, a Crystal Lizard will emerge from one of the graves, and another one is hiding in the grass.

It is better to get them before the fight as not to scare them away, but it is risky with the manta firing at you.

An Unknown Hero’s Soul can be found on another giant tombstone on the right end of the cemetery.

On the far right of the arena, look behind a big boulder to loot Stone of Ephemeral Eyes off a Corpse.

Then near the cliff on the same side, another corpse can be looted for Chunk of Cloudstone.

In the broken house in the middle of the arena, you can loot Holy Arrows.

To get them, go from the left side of the house and behind it to find an opening in the back wall from where you can drop into the house to get the arrows.

Once you have collected all these, go to the Archstone in the center of the map and interact with it to obtain a Storm Demon’s Soul and a Pure Cloudstone.

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