Demon’s Souls Remake Maneater Boss Guide

In this Demon's Souls Remake Maneater Boss guide, we will cover the Maneater Boss encounter in Demon's Souls Remake for PS5.

In this Demon’s Souls Remake Maneater Boss guide, we will cover the Maneater Boss encounter in Demon’s Souls Remake. This guide will cover all of the Maneater’s statistics and the suggested strategies to cut him down swiftly.

Boss fights in Demon’s Souls Remake can be a bit daunting at times since they all usually happen after the player passes through a fog gate and then fights the Boss in a large area with a custom soundtrack that amp’s up the tension even further.

Demon’s Souls Remake Maneater Boss

The Maneater is a Boss with a body of a beast and a serpent for a tail. It also has wings and green eyes. There are two Maneaters that you have to fight.

This Boss can be found in the Fool’s Idol Archstone, and defeating the Maneater will award you with a Mixed Demon’s Soul.

Attacks and Counters

The Maneater has a wide variety of attacks that it can unleash against you.

  • The Maneater uses an unblockable pounce attack where it goes down on all fours and pounces at the player. It will knock down or stagger the player if they either get hit by it or block it, respectively.
  • The Maneater can also use a Single-Handed or Double-Handed pound attack. Both of these attacks can only be blocked by shields of the highest Guard Break Reduction, and the amount of damage you receive from these attacks depends on where it hits you.
  • The beast can also use a Sonic Wave attack that travels to the player’s last location, so dodging this attack via side step is fairly easy.
  • The serpent on the Maneater’s tail will bite on its neck, which will give it a temporary power boost. This power boost lasts for about 30seconds and increases the Maneater’s attack damage by a lot. After the serpent bites, the Maneater will be immobilized for a few seconds, allowing you to attack him and cancel the power boost.
  • The Maneater can also use the serpent in the air to attack you with 3 homing soul arrows, but their homing abilities can easily be dodged.

The Plan of Action
The Maneater Boss encounter can be approached in a lot of ways & with different builds. We will discuss all of them here.


Melee Strategies
Trying to slay the Maneaters using melee tactics requires some planning and a lot of patience.

The first and most important thing to know is that you have to separate the maneaters and target them one at a time.

If you try to tackle both of them with melee attacks, you will die rather fast. Try to cut the tail first to prevent the Maneater from using its Power Boost attack.

Melee No Shield
If you plan on slaying the Maneaters using a melee build and not use any shields, then the most important trick is to run towards the brazier in the middle of the platform behind the Maneater when you first spawn.

Keep that brazier between you and the Maneater to avoid most of its attacks, excluding the leap attack, which you can easily dodge if you pay attention.

Use that brazier to move around the platform and occasionally hit the Maneater from the sides.

Once you deplete the first Maneater’s health down to 20 percent or 100 seconds pass since the battle has started, the second Maneater will appear, and this is where things get a bit sweaty.

You need to dispose of one Maneater before damaging the other, as attacking both simultaneously will prove to be a fatal mistake.

The Fog Door Exploit
This exploit can be used to kill one of the Maneaters before entering the battle area.

Simply equip the best bow you have and hug the left or right edge of the fog door. Now zoom, and you will see the Maneater in the center of the walkway.

Start Shooting light arrows at it to kill it, and then you only need to face the remaining Maneater, which tips the odds in your favor.

Note that using the lava bow will push the Maneater out of range, and then you won’t be able to shoot him from the other side anymore.

Melee with Shield
Assuming that you used the Fog Door Exploit to deal with the first Maneater, you now only need to deal with the second one, and for that, you can use a shield.

Just be careful while dodging the Maneater as it’s very easy to fall off the pathway.

You can pretty much cancel out all of his attacks with a good shield and decent stamina management.

Archer Strategy
This works best if you are in soul form.

Equip the Thief’s Ring and Cling Ring and go through the fog gate. Start attacking the Maneater with your Lava bow until it attacks you, then dodge and run towards the other end of the pathway.

The Maneater will have a difficult time following you from one end of the pathway to the other, and you will have ample time to kill him with the lava bow.

Magic Strategy
Using Firestorm with damage bonuses is another effective strategy to kill both Maneaters. Kris Blade, Hyper Mode, Insanity Catalyst, Monk’s Head Caller all work great with Firestorm.

You can get rid of the first Maneater with one or two hits and then use the brazier as cover while dealing with the second Maneater.

Keep in mind that the brazier will also block your spells from hitting the Maneater as well.

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