Demon’s Souls Remake Leechmonger Boss Guide

Welcome to our guide for the Demon's Souls Remake Leechmonger Boss. This huge mass of dark, slime like materials is...

Welcome to our guide for the Demon’s Souls Remake Leechmonger Boss. This huge mass of dark, slime like materials is as dangerous as it is disgusting. Having difficulty with a Demon Soul’s boss is nothing to be ashamed about, and we are here to help you conquer this beast.

Demon’s Souls Remake Leechmonger Boss

The Leechmonger is found in the Valley of Defilement in Demon’s Souls Remake. Let’s Take a look at its stats to understand its strengths and weaknesses.


Let’s start by analyzing its stats. The boss has 2047 Health Points. Taking a further look at its individual defenses:

Attack Type Defense Value
Normal 107
Slash 107
Blunt 134
Pierce 107
Magic 100
Fire 65
Poison Immune
Plague Immune
Bleed Immune

So from the get go we can assume that any bleeding, plague and poison damage, or attacks won’t work on the boss.

Leechmonger Boss Fight Strategies

We know for sure that the Leechmonger never moves from the pit of muck that it dwells in and instead lashes out with its two “arms” to hurl chunks of leeches at its victims.

Making it hard to face in close melee combat, but also making it possible to defeat it using a bow or long range attacks. But, your mana won’t be enough to pull off so many attacks on it that it dies.

Using ranged weaponry, each of the arrows needs to deal a high amount of damage for you to kill the boss relying only on ranged attacks.

Not to mention that the leechmonger continuously regenerates health. The Lava Bow with fire arrows is generally the best choice for this strategy.

But if you still have to move into the leech pool to deal with the boss, be careful of the balls of leeches it will send flying towards you.

If hit, you will keep on losing HP for 15 seconds. Up in its personal space, the boss has a few moves, which include:

  • A horizontal double spin attack
  • A close-range leech ball throw, which also leeches HP for a limited time.
  • A tentacle thrash attack.

The lowest form of defense that the boss has is against fire damage.

A good approach is to have a few containers of Turpentine ready to be applied to your weapons; this will make damaging the boss very easy.

Although its defenses aren’t high and damaging it is pretty easy, what makes it so dangerous is the fact that it can heal itself at a very fast rate.

It regenerates health by forming a ring of leeches around itself.

The way to break the ring is to attack the boss quickly, but do not be careless and rush forward as it can still use all of its normal attacks against you. This ability of it is what makes this fight that much more annoying.

Finally, after you defeated it and gotten its souls for yourself, you can also find several shards of Suckerstone and a few Crescent Moon Grass can be found in the surrounding area.

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