Demon’s Souls Remake Flamelurker Boss Guide

In this Demon's Souls Remake Flamelurker Boss guide, we'll explain all the strategies for defeating the Flamelurker in Demon's Souls Remake .

In this Demon’s Souls Remake Flamelurker Boss guide, we’ll explain all the strategies for defeating the Flamelurker, as well as its attacks and how to counter them in Demon’s Souls Remake.

Demon’s Souls Remake Flamelurker Boss

The ball of flame that is Flamelurker will appear in Armor Spider Archstone.

And I have to say; the boss has quite a few attacks up its sleeve that can shake your ground. Putting out the fire will get you Red Hot Demon’s Soul.

Defeating the boss is not that difficult, and it can be done with the simplest of weapons, given that you devise proper strategies and try to stay in front of it.


Below we’ve put together some of the strategies that can help you win the battle against Demon’s Souls Remake Flamelurker Boss.

Furious Fist Strategy
This is perhaps the only strategy where we’ll be suggesting you attack the boss from behind, and this comes in handy when it performs the pounce attack.

To implement this strategy, you’ll require a flame resistant shield and a magical melee weapon.

Other than these, you’ll also require a Ring of Flame Resistance and an armor.

For a flame-resistant shield, the best option is the Purple Flame shield. If not, then any shield with a 70% fire reduction would do the trick.

As far as the magical melee weapons are concerned, you can opt for the Hands of God, especially if you’re a newbie.

Moving on to the armor, any armor that does not hinder your mobility is perfect for the job, however, it is suggested that you equip the Black Leather set.

This tactic is purely defensive. Keep dodging its attacks until it makes a jump for a pounce attack.

When it does, roll on to the other side and attack it from behind as many times as you can.

But, make sure that you retain some stamina if the boss tries to counter your attacks.

Once it’s near its death, it will ignite into even brighter flames, making it difficult for you to judge its next move, and it will pounce on you more often. Furthermore, its attacks would be deadlier.

Dragon Spine Strategy
This is a comparatively offensive strategy, and it’ll require a Long Sword along with Purple Flame Shield and Ring of Flame Resistance.

Look for a dragon spine protruding from one of the walls in the battleground.

Get the boss to attack you in such a way that when it’s charging your way, it is charging towards the dragon spine.

Once it hits the spine, it would stay there rather than turning around.

This is where the Long Sword comes in. Repeat the attack until the boss is dead.

However, it will still try to attack you at times so keep your shield up and don’t take any unnecessary damage.

Melee and Magic Strategy
Take on the battle in the human form and keep on making melee attacks until its health drops below 30% and it becomes more aggressive.

This is where you use magic spells.

Equip yourself with Ring of Flame Resistance, Purple Flame Shield, and Soul Ray as a magic spell.

You can opt for any other magic spell of your liking as well, as long as it gets the job done during the second half of the battle.

If you want to improve your chances of winning the battle, think about equipping yourself with Regenerator’s Ring and a magic weapon.

Keep circling the battlefield with your shield up and attacking it with the magic weapon.

If you attack it right, it will be stunned allowing you to give it some additional blows.

Meanwhile, keep an eye on your stamina too and replenish it when you get the chance.

Once it is low on health, switch the weapons, and finish it off.

Hide and Seek Strategy
With those burned eyeballs, seems like Flamelurker boss has a hard time keeping you in its sight.

And we’re about to make it even difficult for it by hiding behind the pillars and waiting for it to lose hope.

When it does, it will sit down to give you plenty of time to attack it from behind.

Don’t forget to bring up your shield once you’re done with your part of the attack.

Thief’s ring, a melee weapon of your choice, and a Purple Flame shield is the best equipment for this stealth mission.

Light Weapon Strategy
This is an offensive strategy, requiring you to attack the boss with a melee weapon with both hands and then immediately bringing up the shield in your left hand to dodge its counter attacks.

For this strategy, you need to be in a human form and wear an Ancient King’s Armor set.

For the light weapon, you can opt for Blueblood Sword or any other weapon that you’re comfortable with.

Equip Tailsman of Beasts in your left hand. Other than that, you’ll require Adjudicator’s Shield, Water Veil, Thief’s Ring, and Regenerator’s Ring.

Heavy Weapon Strategy
This strategy is similar to that of the light weapons strategy, only this time you’ll be using a weapon that can finish the boss in a smaller number of attacks.

However, it depends on how much endurance you have.

Magic or Bow Strategy
It’s often said that the bigger the better. However, such will not be the case here.

We’ll be putting the big size of our antagonist in our favor.

Head to the staircase and once you’re up top, place yourself against the left wall and wait for the boss to follow you.

It’ll get stuck at the bottom of the stairs.

This is your opportunity to bring out the best arrow and bow that you have and attack it from a distance.

From time to time it will show movement as it tries to free itself. Hold your attacks during that time, and wait for it to give up.

Once it does free itself, it will come towards you. Make your way to the entrance and then repeat.

Bow Strategy with Thief’s Ring
Maintain a safe distance from the boss and keep firing arrows at it until it charges at you.

Equip the Thief’s ring and run for your life until it stops chasing you. Once you’re at a safe distance, start hitting it with arrows again.

You can take it out in approximately 50 or fewer arrows.

Poison Cloud Strategy
You’ll be requiring a stealth strategy to implement the poison cloud strategy. You can also initiate this strategy by getting the boss stuck somewhere.

Do not expect marvels from this strategy as casting poison clouds would do comparatively lesser damage than using other weapons.

However, it will take its time and then finish the boss.

You won’t have to dodge a lot of attacks. Therefore it’s better to be equipped with Thief’s Ring instead of a defense ring.

The Ring of Avarice can also help you in maximizing the souls.

Soul Ray and Water Veil Combo Strategy
You’ll be using these two spells solely to defeat the boss.

At first, you’ll attack it with the Water Veil spell, immediately followed by the Soul Ray spell.

For defense, you’ll have to be moving consistently and rolling back according to its attacks and dodging them.

Winning the fight depends on timing the Water Veil spell right.

Attacks and Counters

It is only possible to implement all these strategies properly if you know about its attacks and how to counter them.

Needless to say, the boss is resistant to fire. Therefore, any fire-related spell should be your last choice of attack.

The boss is prone to Soul Arrow and Soul Ray, therefore it’s better to use them in your fight against Flamelurker boss.

Swipe Attack
This is the most common attack that you’ll face, and hence, will have to dodge. As it takes more and more damage, it’ll perform the swipe attack more often.

Swipe attack comes after the fire blast attack and is often followed by a fire blast attack as well.

The only way to counter is to dive towards it during the swipe attack and then dive away immediately afterward.

Fire Blast Attack
Watch out for its hand smashing the ground. This is when the huge fire blast is coming your way.

This can be completely dodged if you’re standing behind it.

Pounce Attack
Pounce attack is followed by a loud growl when its hands are down. It can be dodged by rolling under the boss and showing up on its backside.

This will give you a good opportunity to attack it from behind before it regains its consciousness.

Massive Fire Blast Attack
This will be more massive than the simple Fire Blast attack, and the boss will growl before attacking.

One of the ways of dodging this attack is by bringing up the shield and pacing back.

This will lend you minimal damage.

If the attacks are consistent, then look for a moment within the attacks to lower the shield and regain the stamina.

You can also move towards the fireball, and if you time it right you’ll successfully dodge it.

Just look out for the melee attacks of Demon’s Souls Remake Flamelurker Boss if you’re trying to dodge the attack this way.

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